Description of Vietnam

Socialist Republic of Vietnam (Cong Hoa Xa Hoi Chu Nghia Viet Nam) is a country in South-East Asia, situated on the Indochina Peninsula. It covers an area of 332 square kilometers. It is a home for 89,967,000 inhabitants (2009). The capital of Vietnam is Hanoi. Its big cities are Ho Chi Minh City (economic capital), Hanoi, Hai Phong, and Da Nang.

The official language of the country is Vietnamese (Viet). A part of the population can speak English, French and Chinese. In tourist and resort areas you can speak English almost everywhere. The Russian language is not common, and virtually unknown to the Vietnamese, even at the elementary level, with few exceptions.

Most of the territory is occupied by mountains. In the north there is the Hoanglenshon range (with an altitude up to 3143 m, Fanshipan city); the Chyongshon Mountains stretch along the western border. In the southern part of Vietnam there are highlands and plateaus of Kontum, Darlak, and others; on the coast - lowlands (mainly in the deltas of the Hongha in the north and the Mekong in the south). The immensely extended area is divided into three parts: the northern (Beibu), the southern (Nam Bo) and a narrow belt connecting them, called Chungbo. Most of the plains’ surface is cultivated. In Bach Ma-Khaiwan National Park, wildlife reserves and sanctuaries nature remains untouched.

Vietnam is an agricultural country with a developing industry. Most of industrial enterprises were built with the Soviet assistance. They produce most of the electric power, coal, and machinery. In the south, there are enterprises built with the help of foreign capital - the assembly of electronic equipment, bicycles, and motorcycles. The continental shelf of the country has large oil reserves. Export of crude oil provides the bulk of foreign exchange earnings. Agriculture employs 75% of workers. The main crop is rice. Other export crops are coffee and tea.

Some facts about Vietnam

Population of country 89,571,130 people
Area of Vietnam 329,560 sq. kilometers
Located on the continent Southeast Asia (AS)
Capital of Vietnam Hanoi
Currency at Vietnam Dong (VND)
Domain Zone .vn
Phone country code 84
FIPS code of Vietnam VM

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More information about Vietnam

Climate of Vietnam:
  • tropical in south
  • monsoonal in north with hot, rainy season (May to September) and warm, dry season (October to March)
Terrain of Vietnam:
  • low, flat delta in south and north
  • central highlands
  • hilly, mountainous in far north and northwest
Vietnam also has such useful resources as: phosphates, coal, manganese, rare earth elements, bauxite, chromate, offshore oil and gas deposits, timber, hydropower.

Top cities of Vietnam

City Name Population State Coordinates
1 Thanh pho Ho Chi Minh 3,467,331 people Thanh pho Ho Chi Minh 10.75 x 106.66667
2 Ha Noi 1,431,270 people Thu Do Ha Noi 21.0245 x 105.84117
3 Turan 752,493 people Tinh Da Nang 16.06778 x 108.22083
4 Haiphong 602,695 people Thanh Pho Hai Phong 20.85611 x 106.68222
5 Bien Hoa 407,208 people Tinh Dong Nai 10.95 x 106.81667
6 Hue 287,217 people Tinh Thua Thien-Hue 16.46667 x 107.6
7 Nha Trang 283,441 people Tinh Khanh Hoa 12.25 x 109.18333
8 Can Tho 259,598 people Tinh Can Tho 10.03333 x 105.78333
9 Rach Gia 228,356 people Tinh Kien Giang 10.01667 x 105.08333
10 Quy Nhon 210,338 people Tinh Binh Dinh 13.76667 x 109.23333
11 Vung Tau 209,683 people Tinh Ba Ria-Vung Tau 10.34599 x 107.08426
12 Da Lat 197,000 people Tinh Lam Dong 11.94646 x 108.44193
13 Nam Dinh 193,499 people Tinh Nam Dinh 20.41667 x 106.16667
14 Vinh 163,759 people Tinh Nghe An 18.66667 x 105.66667
15 Phan Thiet 160,652 people Tinh Binh Thuan 10.93333 x 108.1
16 Long Xuyen 158,153 people Tinh An Giang 10.38333 x 105.41667
17 Can Duoc 152,200 people Tinh Long An 10.61667 x 106.66667
18 Ha Long 148,066 people Tinh Quang Ninh 20.95111 x 107.08
19 Buon Ma Thuot 146,975 people Tinh Dac Lak 12.66667 x 108.05
20 Cam Ranh 146,771 people Tinh Khanh Hoa 11.92144 x 109.15913
21 Sa Pa 138,622 people Tinh Lao Cai 22.34023 x 103.84415
22 Cam Pha Mines 135,477 people Tinh Quang Ninh 21.01667 x 107.3
23 Thai Nguyen 133,877 people Tinh Thai Nguyen 21.59278 x 105.84417
24 My Tho 122,310 people Tinh Tien Giang 10.35 x 106.35
25 Soc Trang 114,453 people Tinh Soc Trang 9.60333 x 105.98
26 Pleiku 114,225 people Tinh Gia Lai 13.98333 x 108
27 Thanh Hoa 112,473 people Tinh Thanh Hoa 19.8 x 105.76667
28 Ca Mau 111,894 people Tinh Ca Mau 9.17694 x 105.15
29 Bac Lieu 107,911 people Tinh Bac Lieu 9.285 x 105.72444
30 Yen Vinh 107,082 people 18.66667 x 105.66667

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