Description of Venezuela

Venezuela is the jewel of South America. Although tourism is on the rise, in many places remain undiscovered treasures of the world. Venezuela is the fifth largest country in South America. It is washed by the Caribbean Sea in the north; the length of coastline is about 3000 km. The country has a diverse landscape, ranging from the snowy peaks of the Andes to the plains, jungles and the Amazon rainforests.

Venezuela's most famous attraction is the world famous Angel Falls, the height of which is about 15 times greater than of Niagara Falls. It is located in the remote rainforests of the National Park Canaima. Water falls into the abyss from a height of 1 km, and is even more awesome, when the water level is high. The best time to travel to Venezuela is during the rainy season from June to December.

Also in that national park is the Gran Sabana, the vast hilly plateau covered with tropical forests and meadows. More than a hundred flat tops are scattered across the landscape. The Mount Roraima, its largest peak, rises to 2810 meters.

Many virgin beaches of the world are located in Venezuela; one of them is in the National Park. Clean blue water and beautiful coral reefs make it a great place to relax and dive.

In Venezuela, there are also the Andes Mountains. Merida is one of the most famous cities of the ridge. The city is situated among the high peaks. There are many opportunities for horseback riding, mountain biking, hiking and rafting.

The third largest river of South America is located in Venezuela - is the Orinoco River and its basin is a region of swamps, rivers and forests. The Orinoco River flows through the complex labyrinth of waterways, before emptying into the ocean. The indigenous peoples of Venezuela, called Warao, are still living on the shores of the rivers in houses on stilts.

Some facts about Venezuela

Population of country 27,223,228 people
Area of Venezuela 912,050 sq. kilometers
Located on the continent (SA)
Capital of Venezuela Caracas
Currency at Venezuela Bolivar (VEF)
Domain Zone .ve
Phone country code 58
FIPS code of Venezuela VE

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More information about Venezuela

Climate of Venezuela:
  • tropical
  • hot, humid
  • more moderate in highlands
Terrain of Venezuela:
  • Andes Mountains and Maracaibo Lowlands in northwest
  • central plains (llanos)
  • Guiana Highlands in southeast
Venezuela also has such useful resources as: petroleum, natural gas, iron ore, gold, bauxite, other minerals, hydropower, diamonds.

Top cities of Venezuela

City Name Population State Coordinates
1 Caracas 3,000,000 people Distrito Capital 10.5 x -66.91667
2 Maracaibo 2,225,000 people Estado Zulia 10.63167 x -71.64056
3 Maracay 1,754,256 people Estado Aragua 10.24694 x -67.59583
4 Valencia 1,385,083 people Estado Carabobo 10.16202 x -68.00765
5 Barquisimeto 809,490 people Estado Lara 10.07389 x -69.32278
6 Ciudad Guayana 746,535 people Estado Bolivar 8.35122 x -62.64102
7 Barcelona 424,795 people Estado Anzoategui 10.13333 x -64.7
8 Maturin 410,972 people Estado Monagas 9.75 x -63.17667
9 Puerto La Cruz 370,000 people Estado Anzoategui 10.21667 x -64.61667
10 Petare 364,684 people Estado Miranda 10.48333 x -66.81667
11 Turmero 344,700 people Estado Aragua 10.22388 x -67.47288
12 Ciudad Bolivar 338,000 people Estado Bolivar 8.12923 x -63.54086
13 Merida 300,000 people Estado Merida 8.59833 x -71.145
14 Alto Barinas 284,289 people Estado Barinas 8.5931 x -70.2261
15 Santa Teresa 278,890 people Estado Miranda 10.23139 x -66.66361
16 Cumana 257,783 people Estado Sucre 10.46667 x -64.16667
17 San Cristobal 246,583 people Estado Tachira 7.76694 x -72.225
18 Baruta 244,216 people Estado Miranda 10.43333 x -66.88333
19 Mucumpiz 215,259 people Estado Merida 8.41667 x -71.13333
20 Cabimas 200,818 people Estado Zulia 10.40194 x -71.44611
21 Coro 195,227 people Estado Falcon 11.4045 x -69.67344
22 Guatire 191,903 people Estado Miranda 10.46667 x -66.53333
23 Cua 182,558 people Estado Miranda 10.16222 x -66.88528
24 Guarenas 181,612 people Estado Miranda 10.46667 x -66.61667
25 Puerto Cabello 174,000 people Estado Carabobo 10.47306 x -68.0125
26 Ocumare del Tuy 166,072 people Estado Miranda 10.12167 x -66.77167
27 Guacara 151,752 people Estado Carabobo 10.22609 x -67.877
28 El Tigre 150,999 people Estado Anzoategui 8.88752 x -64.24544
29 El Limon 148,247 people Estado Aragua 10.30589 x -67.63212
30 Acarigua 143,704 people Estado Portuguesa 9.55972 x -69.20194

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