Description of Turkmenistan

Turkmenistan is a nation situated in Central Asia bordering the Caspian Sea. Neighboring nations incorporate Afghanistan, Iran, Kazakhstan, and Uzbekistan. The topography of Turkmenistan comprises of a vast bit of the Garagum desert ascending to mountains in the south and low mountains along outskirt with Iran. Turkmenistan characterizes the administration framework as a mainstream majority rules system and a presidential republic yet in fact the nation shows dictator presidential tenet, with force focused inside of the presidential organization.

History, Map, and Language

Turkmenistan facts are that Türkmen character and society have been fixed nearly to the political history and moves in force in Central Asia. Despite the fact that Türkmen had their own particular religious, social, and political conventions, the development of capable neighboring states influenced their overseeing frameworks, economy, and biology and once in a while changed their lifestyle. The Russian attack oppressed the Türkmen, finished practices, for example, subjugation, and brought the Transcaspian Railroad and also Russian pilgrims. The victory of the Türkmen happened at the clash of Gök Tepe in 1881. However the Russian armed force kept battling until it had secured Merv (Mary) in 1884.

Culture and Holidays

 The eating routine demonstrates a Russian impact and imported things are accessible at a high cost, yet Türkmen sustenance, for the most part, stays customary. Türkmen eat a considerable measure of meat, basically from sheep and dairy animals additionally from camels, goats, chicken, and regardless of the Muslim custom, pigs. They likewise utilize the milk from these creatures.

Climate and Weather

The atmosphere of Turkmenistan is entirely mainland and extremely dry, subsequent to the nation is not encompassed from a sea. The midyear is exceptionally hot and basically dry. However some of the time neighborhood downpours and electrical storms can happen, which can now and then be overwhelming.

The winter is direct and has successive downpours, however, it once in a while snows. The spring is short and once in a while stormy, however with just little precipitation. The harvest time is, for the most part, dry. The day time temperatures in the period in the middle of May and September can be amazing; they are frequently higher than 40°C.

Travelling and Tourism

For Turkmenistan Travel, It is firmly suggested that you apply for a Turkmenistan visa before venturing out to Turkmenistan. It is accounted for that explorers applying for the visa at Ashgabat air terminal have been confined in the travel zone of the airplane terminal for a few days because of missing archives. An administration endorsed the letter of welcome is needed of a few travelers, for example, occupants of the United States of America before a visa can be issued. It is encouraged to check with your nation's Turkmenistan consulate site for more data. On the off chance that you need to enter Turkmenistan with your own particular auto, you require an obligation protection.

Vacations and Destination

Turkmenistan is an extremely well-known vacationer destination. The nation is acclaimed all through the world for its construction modeling and archeological locales. Ashgabat is the capital of Turkmenistan and the nation's biggest city. The city is situated between the Kara Kum desert and the Kopet Dag mountain range. The city is home to one of the biggest mosques in Central Asia the Kipchak mosque otherwise called the 'Turkmenbashi Ruhy Mosque.' The city of Dekhistan is arranged in the west of Turkmenistan close to the Caspian Sea.

Some facts about Turkmenistan

Population of country 4,940,916 people
Area of Turkmenistan 488,100 sq. kilometers
Located on the continent Asia (AS)
Capital of Turkmenistan Ashgabat
Currency at Turkmenistan Manat (TMT)
Domain Zone .tm
Phone country code 993
FIPS code of Turkmenistan TX

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More information about Turkmenistan

Climate of Turkmenistan:
  • subtropical desert
Terrain of Turkmenistan:
  • flat-to-rolling sandy desert with dunes rising to mountains in the south
  • low mountains along border with Iran
  • borders Caspian Sea in west
Turkmenistan also has such useful resources as: petroleum, natural gas, sulfur, salt.

Top cities of Turkmenistan

City Name Population State Coordinates
1 Ashgabat 727,700 people Ahal Welayaty 37.95 x 58.38333
2 Turkmenabat 234,817 people Lebap Welayaty 39.07328 x 63.57862
3 Dasoguz 166,500 people Dasoguz Welayaty 41.83625 x 59.96662
4 Mary 114,680 people Mary Welayaty 37.59378 x 61.83031
5 Balkanabat 87,822 people Balkan Welayaty 39.51075 x 54.36713
6 Bayramaly 75,797 people Mary Welayaty 37.61852 x 62.16715
7 Turkmenbasy 68,292 people Balkan Welayaty 40.02216 x 52.95518
8 Tejen 67,294 people Ahal Welayaty 37.38338 x 60.50544
9 Buzmeyin 39,481 people Ahal Welayaty 38.05067 x 58.20559
10 Gowurdak 34,745 people Lebap Welayaty 37.81244 x 66.04656
11 Atamyrat 33,242 people Lebap Welayaty 37.83574 x 65.21058
12 Yoloten 32,706 people 37.29886 x 62.35975
13 Koeneuergench 30,000 people 42.32773 x 59.15442
14 Annau 27,526 people 37.88757 x 58.516
15 Gumdag 24,312 people Balkan Welayaty 39.20611 x 54.59056
16 Baherden 22,991 people Ahal Welayaty 38.43624 x 57.43158
17 Boldumsaz 21,159 people 42.12824 x 59.67101
18 Gazanjyk 21,090 people Balkan Welayaty 39.24463 x 55.51536
19 Gazojak 21,021 people 41.18746 x 61.4036
20 Kaka 18,545 people 37.34821 x 59.61431
21 Seydi 17,762 people 39.4816 x 62.91374
22 Sayat 17,762 people Lebap Welayaty 38.78392 x 63.88035
23 Tagta 16,635 people 41.65041 x 59.9164
24 Farap 14,503 people Lebap Welayaty 39.17037 x 63.61164
25 Akdepe 14,177 people 42.05513 x 59.37877
26 Murgab 13,199 people 37.49656 x 61.97142
27 Gyzylarbat 12,000 people Balkan Welayaty 38.97644 x 56.27575
28 Serhetabat 5,200 people Mary Welayaty 35.27992 x 62.34382
29 Pewrize 3,000 people 37.91677 x 58.09237

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