Description of Togo

Togo is a nation in Western Africa bordering the Bight of Benin. Neighboring nations incorporate Benin, Burkina Faso, and Ghana. The geology of Togo is a savannah partitioned from a waterfront plain by a scope of low slopes. The administration framework is a republic under move to a multiparty vote based standard. The head of state is the President and the head of government is the Prime Minister. Togo has a blended economy in which the private segment is developing yet the greater part of the populace depends on conventional subsistence agribusiness. Togo is an individual from the African Union (AU), African Economic Community (AEC), and Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS). French is the official dialect.

History , Map and Language

Togo Facts are that the number of inhabitants in the focal mountains is maybe the most established in Togo. Ewe movement stories from Nigeria and archeological finds in the area of Notse put the most punctual appearance of Ewe speakers at c. 1600. Other exploration recommends the Kabye and others were the last to settle in the Kara locale originating from Kete-Krachi in Ghana as of late as two hundred fifty years prior.

Culture and Holidays

Remnants of the German managerial structures, a few basilicas and numerous places of worship, and in addition private houses can be found all through the nation, however German impact was less pervasive in the north. Togolese more often than not have a few suppers for each day, every comprising to a great extent of a starch item, for example, cassava, maize, rice, yams, or plantains. Open presentations of warmth are at times.

Climate and weather

The atmosphere is by and large tropical with normal temperatures going from 27 degrees celcius (80 degrees Fahrenheit) on the coast to around 30 degrees celcius (86 degrees Fahrenheit) in the northernmost districts. Togo has a dry atmosphere and qualities of a tropical savanna. Toward the south there are two seasons of downpour. The first happens in the middle of April and July and the second in the middle of October and November.

Travelling and Tourism

You require a visa to arrive. There is one and only worldwide airplane terminal at Togo. you can likewise enter Togo by roadways. There are shrubbery taxis all over. These are fundamentally four entryway autos, with four individuals in the back, and two sharing the front. The train benefit in Togo is not at present accessible.

Vacations and Destinations

Africa Togo is an enchanting nation, yet the vast majority of the appeal originates from the beguiling individuals; this is a little nation with a little number of little attractions. Lomé's businesses, both general and voodoo, are the most prevalent stop in the nation along the street in the middle of Ghana and Benin. The littler towns of Togoville on Lake Togos on the sea are likewise prevalent stops for the previous' voodoo altars and memorable destinations and the last's shorelines. Of late, the espresso developing area has get to be prominent with the errant traveler in vacation Togo, with a decent number of pleasant treks, cooler climate, and wonderful perspectives. Maybe the most charming piece of the nation is the hardest to get to—the sloping and meagerly populated north. Togo's few parks/stores are generally seldom went by, however in the event that you figure out how to make it out there on a safari


Some facts about Togo

Population of country 6,587,239 people
Area of Togo 56,785 sq. kilometers
Located on the continent Africa (AF)
Capital of Togo Lome
Currency at Togo Franc (XOF)
Domain Zone .tg
Phone country code 228
FIPS code of Togo TO

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More information about Togo

Climate of Togo:
  • tropical
  • hot, humid in south
  • semiarid in north
Terrain of Togo:
  • gently rolling savanna in north
  • central hills
  • southern plateau
  • low coastal plain with extensive lagoons and marshes
Togo also has such useful resources as: phosphates, limestone, marble, arable land.

Top cities of Togo

City Name Population State Coordinates
1 Lome 749,700 people Region Maritime 6.13748 x 1.21227
2 Sokode 117,811 people Region Centrale 8.98333 x 1.13333
3 Kara 104,207 people Region de la Kara 9.55111 x 1.18611
4 Kpalime 95,974 people 6.9 x 0.63333
5 Atakpame 80,683 people Region des Plateaux 7.53333 x 1.13333
6 Bassar 61,845 people Region de la Kara 9.25 x 0.78333
7 Tsevie 55,775 people Region Maritime 6.42611 x 1.21333
8 Aneho 47,579 people Region Maritime 6.23333 x 1.6
9 Sansanne-Mango 37,748 people Region des Savanes 10.35917 x 0.47083
10 Dapaong 33,324 people Region des Savanes 10.86389 x 0.205
11 Tchamba 25,668 people Region Centrale 9.03333 x 1.41667
12 Niamtougou 23,261 people Region de la Kara 9.76806 x 1.10528
13 Bafilo 22,543 people Region de la Kara 9.35 x 1.26667
14 Notse 22,017 people Region des Plateaux 6.95 x 1.16667
15 Sotouboua 21,054 people Region Centrale 8.56667 x 0.98333
16 Vogan 20,569 people Region Maritime 6.33333 x 1.53333
17 Badou 20,029 people 7.58333 x 0.6
18 Tabligbo 13,748 people Region Maritime 6.58333 x 1.5
19 Kande 11,466 people Region de la Kara 9.95778 x 1.04472
20 Amlame 9,870 people Region des Plateaux 7.46667 x 0.9
21 Pagouda 7,686 people Region de la Kara 9.7525 x 1.32778

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