Description of Tanzania

Tanzania is located in the east Africa and is bordered by Burundi, Kenya, Uganda, Democratic Republic of Congo, Zambia and Malawi.

History, Map and Language

Voyagers and dealers from the Persian Gulf and Western India have gone by the East African coast following right on time in the first thousand years CE. Islam was polished on the Swahili drift as ahead of schedule as the eighth or ninth century CE.From the late 1970s, Tanzania's economy got ugly. Tanzania adjusted to China, looking for Chinese help. The Chinese were snappy to consent, yet with the condition that all ventures be finished by imported Chinese work. From the mid-1980s, the administration financed itself by acquiring from the International Monetary Fund and experienced a few changes.

Culture and Holidays

The present populace in Tanzania is given or take 30 million, involved indigenous people groups and Pakistani, Indian, Arab, and European subpopulations. The staple is joined by fish, hamburger, goat, chicken, or sheep stew or browned bits of meat, alongside a few sorts of vegetables or sauces, normally including beans, verdant greens looking like spinach, manioc leaves, pieces of pumpkin, or sweet potatoes. Indian sustenance, (for example, chapatis , a level bread; samosas , vegetable or meat-filled cakes; and masala , a spiced rice dish), is broadly accessible in every urban zone.

Climate and Weather

Africa Tanzania is gigantic and its sheer size implies that the atmosphere differs extensively inside of it. Be that as it may, by and large the fundamental stormy season, or the 'long rains', endures amid about March, April and May. Evening tropical deluges are the standard – which are heavier and more unsurprising next to the coast and on the islands. The mugginess is high and day by day temperatures achieve the low-mid 30°s.

The long dry season keeps going all through June, July, August, September and October is when precipitation is abnormal, even on the islands. Temperatures fluctuate massively with elevation and area, however, its generally a fine, clear sky and sunny climate – its an extraordinary time to visit Tanzania.

Traveling and Tourism

Tanzania travels most surely understood vacation destinations are situated in the northern piece of the nation and incorporate Mount Kilimanjaro, Africa's most noteworthy mountain. Serengeti National Park is the world celebrated and has terrific regular relocations of animals. The Ngorongoro Conservation Area incorporates the Ngorongoro Crater, which is a wiped out volcanic caldera with lions, hippopotamus, elephants, different sorts of pronghorn, the imperiled dark rhinoceros. A visitor can also enjoy Tanzania movies.

Vacation and Destinations

Tanzania safaris are very famous throughout the world. Wildebeest charge over the fields in the African safari is very popular. Hippos shake for space in sloppy conduits. Elephants meander along regular movement courses and chimpanzees swing through the treetops. All through the nation, there are unparalleled chances to experience this regular riches. Bring a vessel safari down the Zanzibar Rufiji River past napping crocodiles in Selous Game Reserve. Watch giraffes outlined against old baobab trees in Ruaha National Park. Sit still as waterbirds peck in the shallows around Rubondo Island in Arusha. Hold your breath while a lion cushions before your vehicle in Ngorongoro Crater.


Some facts about Tanzania

Population of country 41,892,895 people
Area of Tanzania 945,087 sq. kilometers
Located on the continent Africa (AF)
Capital of Tanzania Dodoma
Currency at Tanzania Shilling (TZS)
Domain Zone .tz
Phone country code 255
FIPS code of Tanzania TZ

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Tanzania video guide

More information about Tanzania

Climate of Tanzania:
  • varies from tropical along coast to temperate in highlands
Terrain of Tanzania:
  • plains along coast
  • central plateau
  • highlands in north, south
Tanzania also has such useful resources as: hydropower, tin, phosphates, iron ore, coal, diamonds, gemstones, gold, natural gas, nickel.

Top cities of Tanzania

City Name Population State Coordinates
1 Dar es Salaam 2,698,652 people Dar es Salaam Region -6.82349 x 39.26951
2 Mwanza 436,801 people Mwanza Region -2.51667 x 32.9
3 Zanzibar 403,658 people Zanzibar Urban/West Region -6.16394 x 39.19793
4 Arusha 341,136 people Arusha Region -3.36667 x 36.68333
5 Mbeya 291,649 people Mbeya Region -8.9 x 33.45
6 Morogoro 250,902 people Morogoro Region -6.81667 x 37.66667
7 Tanga 224,876 people Tanga Region -5.06667 x 39.1
8 Dodoma 180,541 people Dodoma Region -6.17486 x 35.73792
9 Kigoma 164,268 people Kigoma Region -4.87694 x 29.62667
10 Moshi 156,959 people Kilimanjaro Region -3.35 x 37.33333
11 Tabora 145,292 people Tabora Region -5.01667 x 32.8
12 Songea 126,449 people Ruvuma Region -10.68333 x 35.65
13 Musoma 121,119 people Mara Region -1.5 x 33.8
14 Iringa 111,820 people Iringa Region -7.76667 x 35.7
15 Katumba 108,558 people Mbeya Region -9.23333 x 33.61667
16 Shinyanga 107,362 people Shinyanga Region -3.66667 x 33.43333
17 Mtwara 96,602 people Mtwara Region -10.26667 x 40.18333
18 Ushirombo 95,052 people Shinyanga Region -3.49194 x 31.96389
19 Kilosa 91,889 people Morogoro Region -6.83333 x 36.98333
20 Sumbawanga 89,161 people Rukwa Region -7.96667 x 31.61667
21 Bagamoyo 82,426 people Pwani -6.43333 x 38.9
22 Mpanda 73,338 people Rukwa Region -6.36546 x 31.04091
23 Bukoba 70,628 people Kagera Region -1.33167 x 31.81222
24 Singida 62,432 people Singida Region -4.81667 x 34.75
25 Uyovu 60,849 people Shinyanga Region -3.28333 x 31.52583
26 Makumbako 53,003 people Iringa Region -8.85 x 34.83333
27 Buseresere 52,870 people Kagera Region -3.02361 x 31.87472
28 Bunda 50,944 people Mara Region -2.05 x 33.86667
29 Merelani 50,000 people Arusha Region -3.56182 x 36.97895
30 Katoro 49,691 people Kagera Region -3.02028 x 31.89583

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