Description of Syria

Syria is one of the biggest countries in the middle east and is bordered by Iraq, Turkey and Israel. Along with all these countries, Syria also has a short coastline of Mediterranean Sea. 

History, Map and Language

Syria is one of the greater states of the Middle East and has its capital in Damascus. Syria us is delineated toward the north by Turkey, at the east by Iraq, by Jordan and Israel toward the south, and by Lebanon toward the south-west. Furthermore, the country has a short coastline on the east Mediterranean Sea. There was a big war in Syria which has caused a lot of trouble to this country. This Syria Conflict has been very troublesome for the local public of Syria.


Syria Population is of 21,906,000 individuals (UN, 2009 evaluation), of which 6 million used to be gathered in the capital Damascus yet at present, more than 3,249,000 (Dec 2014) Syrians live as outcasts abroad. A respectably huge nation (185,180 sq km or 72,150 sq miles), Syria is arranged north inside of the Middle East District and has area fringes with Turkey in the north, with Israel in the south, Lebanon in the west and the south, and with Iraq and Jordan in the east and south-east individually.

Religion Syria follow predominantly Arab (90%), with substantial minorities from other ethnic gatherings: Kurds, Armenians, Circassians and Turks. The official dialect is Arabic, yet different tongues that are every so often comprehended incorporate Kurdish, Armenian, Turkish, French and English. The Syrian Republic is authoritatively mainstream. Regardless, it is incredibly affected by the greater part religion of Islam (90% of the populace, split between 74% Sunni Muslim and 16% other Muslim, Alawites and Druze). There is an extensive Christian minority that adds up to around 10% of the populace.Geography

Syria lies between scopes 32° and 38° N, and longitudes 35° and 43° E. It comprises for the most part of bone-dry level, in spite of the fact that the northwest piece of the nation bordering the Mediterranean is genuinely green. The Northeast of the nation "Al Jazira" and the South "Hawran" are critical rural areas.[100] The Euphrates, Syria's most vital waterway, crosses the nation in the East. It is thought to be one of the fifteen expresses that involve the purported "Support of civilization".

Climate and Weather

The atmosphere in Syria is dry and hot, and winters are mellow. As a result of the nation's rise, snowfall does periodically happen amid winter.Petroleum in business amounts was initially found in the upper east in 1956. The most imperative oil fields are those of Suwaydiyah, Qaratshui, Rumanian, and Tayyem, close Dayr az–Zawr. The fields are a characteristic augmentation of the Iraqi fields of Mosul and Kirkuk. Petroleum turned into Syria's driving normal asset and boss fare after 1974.

Travelling and Tourism

Visas are required for most individual explorers. These are accessible in 6-month (single/various section), 3-month (single) and 15 days (area fringes just) forms. Natives of Arab nations don't oblige visa, aside from unaccompanied Moroccan ladies beneath 40 years of age. Likewise, nationals of Malaysia, Turkey and Iran don't oblige visas. Getting visas ahead of time is extravagant and befuddling. Americans are obliged to apply ahead of time at the Syrian government office in Washington DC, regardless of the fact that they live somewhere else and pay US$131. Most different explorers, however, can go anyplace, a famous decision being Istanbul (Turkey) where they are for the most part issued inside of one day for €20 (Canadians) or €30 (EU natives). A "letter of suggestion" expressing that your office has "no complaint" to your visit to Syria may be needed. The visa issued must have two stamps and a signature, generally the visa is viewed as invalid and you will be turned back at the fringe.

Vacation and Destination

There are many different places that can be visited in the region. As a tourist destination, Syria has a lot to offer to all the travellers. 

Some facts about Syria

Population of country 22,198,110 people
Area of Syria 185,180 sq. kilometers
Located on the continent Middle East (AS)
Capital of Syria Damascus
Currency at Syria Pound (SYP)
Domain Zone .sy
Phone country code 963
FIPS code of Syria SY

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More information about Syria

Climate of Syria:
  • mostly desert
  • hot, dry, sunny summers (June to August) and mild, rainy winters (December to February) along coast
  • cold weather with snow or sleet periodically in Damascus
Terrain of Syria:
  • primarily semiarid and desert plateau
  • narrow coastal plain
  • mountains in west
Syria also has such useful resources as: petroleum, phosphates, chrome and manganese ores, asphalt, iron ore, rock salt, marble, gypsum, hydropower.

Top cities of Syria

City Name Population State Coordinates
1 Aleppo 1,602,264 people Aleppo 36.20124 x 37.16117
2 Damascus 1,569,394 people Damascus City 33.5102 x 36.29128
3 Hums 775,404 people Homs 34.72682 x 36.72339
4 Hamah 460,602 people Hama 35.13179 x 36.75783
5 Latakia 340,181 people Latakia 35.51484 x 35.77684
6 Dayr az Zawr 242,565 people Deir ez-Zor 35.33588 x 40.14084
7 Ar Raqqah 177,636 people Ar-Raqqah 35.95 x 39.01667
8 Al Bab 130,745 people Aleppo 36.36994 x 37.51788
9 Idlib 128,840 people Idlib 35.93062 x 36.63393
10 Douma 111,864 people Rif-dimashq 33.57175 x 36.4027
11 As Safirah 95,832 people Aleppo 36.07696 x 37.37251
12 Salamiyah 94,887 people Hama 35.01127 x 37.05324
13 Tartouss 89,457 people Tartus 34.88902 x 35.88659
14 Ath Thawrah 87,880 people Ar-Raqqah 35.84688 x 38.54427
15 Al Hasakah 81,539 people Al-Hasakah 36.50237 x 40.74772
16 Darayya 71,596 people Rif-dimashq 33.45897 x 36.23742
17 Manbij 68,888 people Aleppo 36.52815 x 37.95495
18 A`zaz 66,138 people Aleppo 36.58662 x 37.04628
19 Jablah 65,915 people Latakia 35.36137 x 35.92562
20 As Suwayda' 59,052 people As-Suwayda 32.70896 x 36.56951
21 Albu Kamal 57,572 people Deir ez-Zor 34.45 x 40.91861
22 At Tall 55,561 people Rif-dimashq 33.6099 x 36.30964
23 Mayadin 54,534 people Deir ez-Zor 35.02089 x 40.45346
24 Ar Rastan 53,152 people Homs 34.92653 x 36.73238
25 Tadmur 51,015 people Homs 34.56077 x 38.28055
26 An Nabk 49,372 people Rif-dimashq 34.02313 x 36.72873
27 Khan Shaykhun 48,975 people Idlib 35.44063 x 36.64995
28 `Afrin 48,693 people Aleppo 36.51598 x 36.86305
29 `Irbin 42,474 people Rif-dimashq 33.53994 x 36.36716
30 Al Qusayr 41,062 people Homs 34.50914 x 36.57975

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