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Description of Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is an island nation situated off the southern shore of India. Sri Lanka is encompassed by the Indian Ocean, Gulf of Mannar, the Palk Strait and lies in the region of India and Maldives. The geology of Sri Lanka incorporates waterfront fields in the north and slopes and mountains in the inside. The administration framework is a republic. The head of state and head of government is the President. Sri Lanka has transitioned to a business sector orientated economy however the focal government is still included in financial arranging. Sri Lanka is an individual from Bay of Bengal Initiative for MultiSectoral Technical and Economic Cooperation (BIMSTEC) and the South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation (SAARC). Sinhala and Tamil are the official dialects of Sri Lanka.

History, Map, and Language

Archeological confirmation the island was possessed as ahead of schedule as 10,000 B.C.E. The present-day Väddas, who live in remote territories of Sri Lanka and utilize a basic innovation, are evidently plummeted from these early tenants blended with the later arriving Tamils and Sinhalas, who were both settled on the island by the third century B.C.E. It is generally accepted that the Sinhala individuals relocated to the island from north India, bringing their Indo-Aryan dialect and some variant of Brahmanism with them, in spite of the fact that Buddhism was presented in their essential territories of settlement amid the third century B.C.E. there was a big Tsunami Sri Lanka that resulted in many lives being lost.

Culture and Holidays

In the precolonial period, just the decision world class and religious foundations were allowed to have changeless structures. Accordingly, the greater part of the archeological vestiges speak to the legacy of world class culture, the old states, and the sanctuary buildings, a hefty portion of which are still being used today. Sri Lanka's staple feast is a huge serving of rice joined by up to twelve distinctive side dishes of vegetables, egg, meat, or fish stewed together with peppers, flavors, and regularly coconut milk. Sri Lanka has a long and productive history of composed and also oral writing.

Climate and Weather

Sri Lanka atmosphere is tropical and comprises of particular wet and dry seasons. The Yala storm conveys bottomless precipitation to the nation's western and southern areas from May to September; the region encounters its dry season amid December through March. The Maha storm influences northern and eastern Sri Lanka climate and regularly endures from October to January, with the dry season generally enduring from May to September. There is likewise a between the monsoonal period in October and November amid which rain and electrical storms happen much of the time over the island.

Travelling and Tourism

Visa is needed on the entry. You can achieve there by either plane or watercrafts. The most well-known method of transport in Sri Lanka is Flights Sri Lanka . Otherwise called Tuk-Tuks from the clamor of their horns. These work in a way like taxis, and by and large are a helpful and exceedingly cost-productive approach to getting around Sri Lanka has a broad railroad framework serving every real town and urban communities in the island aside from the North. There are exceptional Observation autos for travelers that like to take in the view.

Vacations and Destinations

The social capital of Sri Lanka Colombo has a dynamic conventional expressions scene, a sublime exhibit of Buddhist sanctuaries and royal residences, and a wonderful area in the midst of the island's abrupt focal slopes. Sri Lanka's premier natural life destination is home to the world's most noteworthy centralization of Panthers, nearby elephants in abundance, astonishing birdlife and sketchy monkeys – in addition to a heavenly scene of untainted wilderness and salty tidal.

Some facts about Sri Lanka

Population of country 21,513,990 people
Area of Sri Lanka 65,610 sq. kilometers
Located on the continent Asia (AS)
Capital of Sri Lanka Colombo
Currency at Sri Lanka Rupee (LKR)
Domain Zone .lk
Phone country code 94
FIPS code of Sri Lanka CE

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More information about Sri Lanka

Climate of Sri Lanka:
  • tropical monsoon
  • northeast monsoon (December to March)
  • southwest monsoon (June to October)
Terrain of Sri Lanka:
  • mostly low, flat to rolling plain
  • mountains in south-central interior
Sri Lanka also has such useful resources as: limestone, graphite, mineral sands, gems, phosphates, clay, hydropower.

Top cities of Sri Lanka

City Name Population State Coordinates
1 Colombo 648,034 people Western Province 6.93194 x 79.84778
2 Galkissa 215,941 people Western Province 6.8293 x 79.863
3 Moratuwa 185,031 people Western Province 6.773 x 79.8816
4 Jaffna 169,102 people North Eastern Province 9.66845 x 80.00742
5 Negombo 137,223 people Western Province 7.2083 x 79.8358
6 Pita Kotte 118,179 people Western Province 6.8905 x 79.9015
7 Sri Jayewardenepura Kotte 115,826 people Western Province 6.90278 x 79.90833
8 Kandy 111,701 people Central Province 7.2955 x 80.6356
9 Trincomalee 108,420 people North Eastern Province 8.5711 x 81.2335
10 Kalmunai 100,171 people North Eastern Province 7.41667 x 81.81667
11 Galle 93,118 people Southern Province 6.0367 x 80.217
12 Point Pedro 89,810 people North Eastern Province 9.81667 x 80.23333
13 Batticaloa 86,742 people North Eastern Province 7.7102 x 81.6924
14 Katunayaka North 84,643 people Western Province 7.1643 x 79.8757
15 Valvedditturai 78,205 people North Eastern Province 9.81667 x 80.16667
16 Matara 76,254 people Southern Province 5.94851 x 80.53528
17 Battaramulla South 75,633 people Western Province 6.8964 x 79.9181
18 Dambulla 66,716 people Central Province 7.86 x 80.65167
19 Maharagama 66,576 people Western Province 6.848 x 79.9265
20 Kotikawatta 64,565 people Western Province 6.9269 x 79.9095
21 Anuradhapura 60,943 people North Central Province 8.35647 x 80.41726
22 Vavuniya 60,176 people North Eastern Province 8.7514 x 80.4971
23 Kolonnawa 58,076 people Western Province 6.9329 x 79.8848
24 Hendala 56,978 people Western Province 6.9909 x 79.883
25 Ratnapura 47,832 people Province of Sabaragamuwa 6.68278 x 80.39917
26 Puttalam 45,661 people North Western Province 8.0362 x 79.8283
27 Badulla 42,230 people Province of Uva 6.9895 x 81.0557
28 Welisara 41,306 people Western Province 7.0281 x 79.9014
29 Kalutara 38,000 people Western Province 6.5831 x 79.9593
30 Bentota 37,000 people Southern Province 6.4254 x 79.9948

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