Description of Somalia

Somalia is a nation in Africa flanked by Djibouti, Ethiopia, Kenya, Gulf of Yemen, and the Indian Ocean. Somalia has a vital area on Horn of Africa along southern ways to deal with Bab el Mandeb and courses through the Red Sea and Suez Canal. The topography comprises of semi-desert, mountains, and good countries.

History, Map, and Language

Somalia Facts is that it is named for the fanciful father of the Somali individuals, Samaal (or Samale). Bedouins acquainted the Islamic confidence with Africa starting in the seventh century. Albeit united as one country in 1960, northern and southern Somalia had for a considerable length of time worked as two different nations, with isolated educational systems, charges, monetary standards, police, and political and legitimate organizations. Somalia Language is Somalian and is widely used.  


In the ballpark of 95 percent of  Somalia religion are Somalis, and have relations with the little rate of Arabs, Asians, Indians, Europeans, Pakistanis, and blended gatherings living in Somalia are for the most part quiet.

Atmosphere and climate

Somalia Climate contrasts from semi-parched to bone-dry sort that varies from spot to put. In spite of the fact that Somalia Climate is described by four particular seasons, the general climate conditions during the time stay hot and dry. There are two particular dry seasons in Somalia Climate, which are known as Jiilaal and Hagaa. The normal temperature of Somalia stays in the middle of 30°C to 40°C, which is high. There are two unmistakable blustery seasons in Somalia Climate, which are known as Gu and Day. Gu starts in the month of April and proceeds till the end of July. Then again, Day starts on the month of October and keeps going till November. Somalia Population is not very dense so there are many private places for the tourist.

Travelling and Tourism

Plane travel may be tricky to/from Somalia, because of the late bombings of the airport(s) by Ethiopian powers. In any case, air may be the most secure method for go to and from Somalia. Passing by transport is another safe alternative. Somalia was without a powerful government for a long time; as one can envision this has had a negative impact on the streets and travel. There are two unique methods of open transportation that you can use in Somalia: transports and taxis. The main tenet of the street that appears to be still in power is that Somalis drive on the privilege or focus.

Vacation and Destination

The Somali shoreline close Mogadishu is exceptionally wonderful. Families, for the most part, go on weekends. It is vital to be mindful that ladies must swim completely dressed, as Sharia law is entirely upheld and does not allow ladies to show a lot of their bodies or to blend with men. It is not clear as what the circumstance is similar to right now. In different circumstances, the shoreline would make for a perfect destination; in any case, the general danger of banditry, and outfitted.

Some facts about Somalia

Population of country 10,112,453 people
Area of Somalia 637,657 sq. kilometers
Located on the continent Africa (AF)
Capital of Somalia Mogadishu
Currency at Somalia Shilling (SOS)
Domain Zone .so
Phone country code 252
FIPS code of Somalia SO

Gallery of Somalia


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Somalia video guide

More information about Somalia

Climate of Somalia:
  • principally desert
  • northeast monsoon (December to February), moderate temperatures in north and hot in south
  • southwest monsoon (May to October), torrid in the north and hot in the south, irregular rainfall, hot and humid periods (tangambili) between monsoons
Terrain of Somalia:
  • mostly flat to undulating plateau rising to hills in north
Somalia also has such useful resources as: uranium and largely unexploited reserves of iron ore, tin, gypsum, bauxite, copper, salt, natural gas, likely oil reserves.

Top cities of Somalia

City Name Population State Coordinates
1 Mogadishu 2,587,183 people Gobolka Banaadir 2.03711 x 45.34375
2 Hargeysa 477,876 people Gobolka Woqooyi Galbeed 9.56 x 44.065
3 Berbera 242,344 people Gobolka Woqooyi Galbeed 10.43901 x 45.01282
4 Chisimayu 234,852 people Lower Juba -0.35817 x 42.54536
5 Jamaame 185,270 people Lower Juba 0.06968 x 42.74497
6 Baidoa 129,839 people Gobolka Bay 3.11667 x 43.65
7 Burao 99,270 people Gobolka Togdheer 9.52212 x 45.53363
8 Bender Cassim 74,287 people Gobolka Bari 11.28421 x 49.18158
9 Afgooye 65,461 people Gobolka Shabeellaha Hoose 2.1381 x 45.1212
10 Galcaio 61,200 people Gobolka Mudug 6.76972 x 47.43083
11 Laascaanood 60,100 people Gobolka Sool 8.47556 x 47.35778
12 Beledweyne 55,410 people Gobolka Hiiraan 4.73583 x 45.20361
13 Qoryooley 51,720 people Gobolka Shabeellaha Hoose 1.78333 x 44.53333
14 Giohar 47,086 people Middle Shabele 2.78087 x 45.50048
15 Jilib 43,694 people Middle Juba 0.48829 x 42.78535
16 Baardheere 42,240 people Gobolka Gedo 2.34464 x 42.27644
17 Erigavo 33,853 people Gobolka Sanaag 10.61532 x 47.36531
18 Luuq 33,820 people Gobolka Gedo 3.79376 x 42.5445
19 Buurhakaba 27,792 people Gobolka Bay 2.80257 x 44.07806
20 Ceeldheer 26,562 people Gobolka Galguduud 3.84878 x 47.18064
21 Wanlaweyn 22,022 people Gobolka Shabeellaha Hoose 2.6185 x 44.8938
22 Eyl 18,904 people Gobolka Nugaal 7.98333 x 49.81667
23 Buulobarde 16,928 people Gobolka Hiiraan 3.85366 x 45.56557
24 Qandala 15,923 people Gobolka Bari 11.47245 x 49.87159
25 Bandarbeyla 13,753 people Gobolka Bari 9.49426 x 50.81224
26 Garbahaarrey 12,652 people Gobolka Gedo 3.32892 x 42.22091
27 Hobyo 12,564 people Gobolka Mudug 5.35139 x 48.52556
28 Bereeda 11,262 people Gobolka Bari 11.87063 x 51.05912
29 Jalalaqsi 9,743 people Gobolka Hiiraan 3.37911 x 45.59892
30 Ceelbuur 9,031 people Gobolka Galguduud 4.68501 x 46.6176

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