Description of Slovenia

The official language of the country is Slovenian. In areas, bordering with Hungary and Italy, the Hungarian and Italian languages have official status. Most of Slovenians know at least one other foreign language, usually English, Italian or German.

Geography. Slovenia shares its borders with Italy in the west, with Austria in the north, with Hungary in the north-east and with Croatia in the east and south; in the south-west it has an access to the Adriatic Sea. In the north-west and north of the country there are ranges of the Eastern Alps. The highest point is the top of the Mount Triglav (2864 m). Highlands gradually pass into the low mountains and hills covered with coniferous and deciduous forests, and then into the fertile river valleys with a remarkable beauty of karstic caves (the Postojna, the Škocjan), lakes, and numerous waterfalls. Slovenia occupies an area of 20,273 square kilometers. The largest rivers of the country are Sava and Drava - right tributaries of the Danube.

Perhaps, thanks to various neighbors such as punctual Austrians and temperamental Italians, mysterious Hungarians and proud Croatians, Slovenian character is diverse and multicolored: is known for an Italian expressivity and Austrian pedantry and discipline. Slovenians are very self-disciplined, accurate, and organized. But at the same time they are very open and sincere, smiling and welcoming – benevolence is in their air. The country has many provincial dialects, and at a distance of several tens of kilometers people express themselves quite differently. Although, among themselves they speak "correct" Slovenian, with foreigners only in German, Italian or English. Russian tourists also should not worry - the Slovenian language has a lot in common with the Russian, and if aurally is not so clear, then, after having read the label, you can guess what it is about. It is true that Slovenians write, using the Latin alphabet. Slovenians are the majority of the population, but there is no problem of ethnic discord, that’s why Slovenia managed to emerge from the former Yugoslavia without serious consequences.

Some facts about Slovenia

Population of country 2,007,000 people
Area of Slovenia 20,273 sq. kilometers
Located on the continent Europe (EU)
Capital of Slovenia Ljubljana
Currency at Slovenia Euro (EUR)
Domain Zone .si
Phone country code 386
FIPS code of Slovenia SI

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More information about Slovenia

Climate of Slovenia:
  • Mediterranean climate on the coast, continental climate with mild to hot summers and cold winters in the plateaus and valleys to the east
Terrain of Slovenia:
  • a short coastal strip on the Adriatic, an alpine mountain region adjacent to Italy and Austria, mixed mountains and valleys with numerous rivers to the east
Slovenia also has such useful resources as: lignite coal, lead, zinc, building stone, hydropower, forests.

Top cities of Slovenia

City Name Population State Coordinates
1 Ljubljana 255,115 people Ljubljana 46.05108 x 14.50513
2 Maribor 89,056 people Mestna Obcina Maribor 46.55472 x 15.64667
3 Celje 37,115 people Mestna Obcina Celje 46.23092 x 15.26044
4 Kranj 35,587 people Mestna Obcina Kranj 46.23887 x 14.35561
5 Velenje 26,426 people Mestna Obcina Velenje 46.35917 x 15.11028
6 Koper 23,273 people Mestna Obcina Koper-Capodistria 45.54694 x 13.72944
7 Novo Mesto 22,417 people Mestna Obcina Novo mesto 45.80397 x 15.16886
8 Ptuj 18,141 people Mestna Obcina Ptuj 46.42005 x 15.87018
9 Trbovlje 15,994 people Obcina Trbovlje 46.155 x 15.05333
10 Podhom 14,184 people Obcina Bled 46.4 x 14.1
11 Nova Gorica 12,748 people Mestna Obcina Nova Gorica 45.95604 x 13.64837
12 Kamnik 12,584 people Obcina Kamnik 46.22587 x 14.61207
13 Jesenice 12,511 people Obcina Jesenice 46.43056 x 14.06694
14 Murska Sobota 12,412 people Mestna Obcina Murska Sobota 46.6625 x 16.16639
15 Skofja Loka 12,012 people Obcina Skofja Loka 46.16551 x 14.30626
16 Domzale 11,647 people Obcina Domzale 46.13774 x 14.59371
17 Izola 10,355 people Obcina Izola-Isola 45.53694 x 13.66194
18 Kocevje 8,841 people Obcina Kocevje 45.64333 x 14.86333
19 Postojna 8,626 people Obcina Postojna 45.77694 x 14.21667
20 Logatec 8,014 people Obcina Logatec 45.91444 x 14.22583
21 Slovenj Gradec 7,933 people Mestna Obcina Slovenj Gradec 46.51028 x 15.08056
22 Ravne 7,671 people Obcina Trebnje 45.9625 x 15.01278
23 Vrhnika 7,623 people Obcina Vrhnika 45.96611 x 14.29556
24 Krsko 6,926 people Obcina Krsko 45.95915 x 15.49167
25 Zagorje ob Savi 6,799 people Obcina Zagorje ob Savi 46.13179 x 14.99694
26 Slovenska Bistrica 6,561 people Obcina Slovenska Bistrica 46.39278 x 15.57444
27 Ajdovscina 6,527 people 45.88601 x 13.90946
28 Litija 6,459 people Obcina Litija 46.05861 x 14.8225
29 Brezice 6,298 people Obcina Brezice 45.90333 x 15.59111
30 Grosuplje 6,256 people Obcina Grosuplje 45.95556 x 14.65889

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