Description of Slovakia

Slovakia is a landlocked nation in Central Europe. Neighboring nations incorporate Austria, Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, and Ukraine. The topography of Slovakia is known for its mountains, with the Carpathian Mountains reaching out crosswise over a large portion of the northern a large portion of the nation. The administration framework is a popular parliamentary government. The head of state is the President and the head of government is the Prime Minister.

History, Map, and Language

Present-day Slovakia was settled by Slavic Slovaks about the sixth century. They were politically united in the Moravian realm in the ninth century. In 907, the Germans and the Magyars vanquished the Moravian state, and the Slovaks fell under Hungarian control from the tenth century up until 1918. After the Communist Party took control in Feb. 1948, Slovakia was again subjected to a brought together Czech-overwhelmed government, and threat between the two republics created. In Jan. 1969, the country turned into the Slovak Socialist Republic of Czechoslovakia. By the end of 1991, dialogs in the middle of Slovak and Czech political pioneers swung to whether the Czech and Slovak republics ought to keep on coinciding inside of the government structure or be partitioned into two autonomous states.

Culture and Holidays

Slovakia has countless corrective springs and broad stores of amazing mending peat and mud. All through the ages individuals have exploited these assets to cure a mixed bag of maladies and infirmities. The nation has more than 1,160 enrolled mineral and warm springs. Hockey Slovakia is one of it most esteem games along with Slovakia Football. Slovaks esteem their security. It takes a while for them to open up to and trust new individuals. Accordingly they can appear to be excessively formal and held. Slovakia is an industrialized country with a developing administration part. People expressions and specialties have delighted in government bolster through the Center for Folk Art Production (ULUV).

Atmosphere and climate

The atmosphere of the Slovakia can be portrayed as ordinary European mainland affected atmosphere with warm, dry summers and genuinely frosty winters. January is the coldest month with daytime temperatures more often than not around zero, yet now and again winter months can be extremely cool with temperatures far underneath zero and solid, frosty northeasterly winds, called Bora particularly in the precipitous locales. Substantial snowfall or even snowstorms are likewise conceivable on a few days.

Travel and tourism

There are no outskirt controls between nations that have marked and executed this arrangement - the European Union. You may need to clear migration however not traditions. You can reach Slovakia via prepare, transport or flight. On the off chance that you are entering from Chez-republic, you need to purchase a toll sticker. Slovakia has its own particular air terminal which is fundamentally utilized for minimal effort aircrafts. It is recommended that you carry Slovakia Currency while traveling.  

Vacations and Destinations

Bratislava is the capital city on Danube and the delegated city of Hungarian rulers, including the essential ruler Maria Theresa, it is arranged close-by other European capitals. Plunge into its throbbing life, have a stroll in the downtown area, and make the most of your espresso in snuggled up bistros. Exceptional winter skiing in cutting edge winter resorts. In the mid-year, elevated visits, amid which you could experience wild chamois. 

Some facts about Slovakia

Population of country 5,455,000 people
Area of Slovakia 48,845 sq. kilometers
Located on the continent Europe (EU)
Capital of Slovakia Bratislava
Currency at Slovakia Euro (EUR)
Domain Zone .sk
Phone country code 421
FIPS code of Slovakia LO

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More information about Slovakia

Climate of Slovakia:
  • temperate
  • cool summers
  • cold, cloudy, humid winters
Terrain of Slovakia:
  • rugged mountains in the central and northern part and lowlands in the south
Slovakia also has such useful resources as: brown coal and lignite; small amounts of iron ore, copper and manganese ore; salt; arable land.

Top cities of Slovakia

City Name Population State Coordinates
1 Bratislava 423,737 people Bratislavsky Kraj 48.14816 x 17.10674
2 Kosice 236,563 people Kosicky Kraj 48.71395 x 21.25808
3 Presov 94,718 people Presovsky Kraj 48.99839 x 21.23393
4 Nitra 86,329 people Nitriansky Kraj 48.30763 x 18.08453
5 Zilina 85,985 people Zilinsky Kraj 49.22315 x 18.73941
6 Banska Bystrica 82,336 people Banskobystricky Kraj 48.73946 x 19.15349
7 Trnava 69,785 people Trnavsky Kraj 48.3774 x 17.58723
8 Martin 60,817 people Zilinsky Kraj 49.06651 x 18.92399
9 Trencin 58,278 people Trenciansky Kraj 48.89452 x 18.04436
10 Poprad 57,431 people Presovsky Kraj 49.06144 x 20.29798
11 Prievidza 52,987 people Nitriansky Kraj 48.77446 x 18.6275
12 Zvolen 44,502 people Banskobystricky Kraj 48.57442 x 19.15324
13 Povazska Bystrica 43,936 people Nitriansky Kraj 49.12153 x 18.42169
14 Nove Zamky 42,044 people 47.98544 x 18.16195
15 Michalovce 40,360 people Kosicky Kraj 48.75434 x 21.9195
16 Spisska Nova Ves 39,195 people Kosicky Kraj 48.94464 x 20.56154
17 Levice 37,574 people Nitriansky Kraj 48.21563 x 18.60705
18 Komarno 37,365 people 47.76356 x 18.12263
19 Humenne 35,367 people Presovsky Kraj 48.93707 x 21.91625
20 Bardejov 34,209 people Presovsky Kraj 49.29175 x 21.27271
21 Liptovsky Mikulas 33,509 people 49.08061 x 19.62218
22 Ruzomberok 30,806 people Zilinsky Kraj 49.0748 x 19.30751
23 Piestany 30,000 people Trnavsky Kraj 48.59479 x 17.82591
24 Lucenec 28,159 people Banskobystricky Kraj 48.33249 x 19.66708
25 Cadca 27,281 people Zilinsky Kraj 49.43503 x 18.78895
26 Dubnica nad Vahom 26,617 people Nitriansky Kraj 48.95981 x 18.16634
27 Rimavska Sobota 25,235 people Banskobystricky Kraj 48.38284 x 20.0224
28 Sellye 24,513 people Nitriansky Kraj 48.15127 x 17.88062
29 Partizanske 24,370 people Nitriansky Kraj 48.62861 x 18.38456
30 Hlohovec 23,930 people Trnavsky Kraj 48.43174 x 17.8031

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