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Singapore is the country of lush tropical vegetation and amazing beaches, unforgettable rides and coexistence of different national traditions. Singapore is an island nation in Southeast Asia. The country consists of Singapore Island and 50 smaller islands. In Sanskrit, the name of the country means "Lion City". Singapore has a land area of ​​647.5 square kilometers. It has a population of 3.9 million people, representing the Chinese, Malay and Indian ethnic communities. The official languages are​Malay, Chinese, and Tamil. Its capital is Singapore. The monetary unit of the country is Singaporean dollar. There are some kinds of religion - Buddhism, Islam, and Hinduism. The head of country is the president.

There is a program in the country aimed at attracting tourists to Singapore. On this purpose new tourist facilities are being built. Thousands of tourists have already been able to appraise rest on a small island of Sentosa near the island of Singapore. Except for a beach holiday, there are a water park, an orchid garden, "dancing" fountains, an aquarium, and water rides at tourists’ service. "City of the Tang Dynasty" was opened in Sentosa, and some new hotels are in the process of building. It will be interesting for tourists to make pedestrian tours along the path, called "dragon's tail", situated in the jungle, to visit the butterfly park, the crocodile farm, the Asian Heritage Village and take photos. Bintan Island’s resorts attract tourists by miles of white sand beaches, tropical jungles and coconut palms. The island is hot and sunny all year round.

Jurong Bird Park represents Singaporean natural places of interest, and is also home to about 7,000 exotic birds. Macaw parrots and flamingos, eagles and hawks live in the wild in a habitat, specially created for them. Singapore Botanic Gardens will surprise visitors with a show of sea lions and trained orangutans. Night Safari will show the nightlife of Singapore: special tourist trams will bring tourists up close to the nocturnal inhabitants of the jungle. You can not only see some fearsome animals, but also take a photo of them. Fans of extreme tourism will appreciate the journey along the Singapore River on the Chinese junk. They will meet on their way the Merlion Park and the pier, the Parliament, and also many mosques, temples and museums.

The Singapore River divides the capital of the country, the city of Singapore, in two parts. City´s Chinese pagodas, Christian churches and mosques are combined with modern skyscrapers and comfortable hotels. The capital´s sightseeing tour includes a visit of the Arab street, the Quay, the colonial center, the Chinese quarter “Chinatown”, and the Indian village. From the observation point, located on the Mount Faber, opens up a beautiful view of the city.

Chinese, Malay and Indian cuisines are widely represented in Singapore. You can try the dumplings in bamboo baskets, Peking duck, coconut soup with noodles, shrimp paste, crabs with "chili" sauce, and beef stew with coconuts. At the most exquisite feasts, shark fin soup, roasted pigs, rays and lobsters are served. The locals always have a lot of fruit on their tables, sometimes exotic such as jackfruits, rambutans, mangosteens and others. Popular drinks are Chinese tea, juices, cocktails of gin and juices.

Some facts about Singapore

Population of country 4,701,069 people
Area of Singapore 693 sq. kilometers
Located on the continent Southeast Asia (AS)
Capital of Singapore Singapur
Currency at Singapore Dollar (SGD)
Domain Zone .sg
Phone country code 65
FIPS code of Singapore SN

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More information about Singapore

Climate of Singapore:
  • tropical
  • hot, humid, rainy
  • two distinct monsoon seasons - Northeastern monsoon (December to March) and Southwestern monsoon (June to September)
  • inter-monsoon - frequent afternoon and early evening thunderstorms
Terrain of Singapore:
  • lowland
  • gently undulating central plateau contains water catchment area and nature preserve
Singapore also has such useful resources as: fish, deepwater ports.

Top cities of Singapore

City Name Population State Coordinates
1 Singapore 3,547,809 people 1.28967 x 103.85007

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