Sierra Leone

Description of Sierra Leone

Sierra Leone is a nation in Western Africa with a coast on the Atlantic Ocean. Neighboring nations incorporate Guinea and Liberia. The topography incorporates bogs and shorelines, lush slopes, and mountains in the inside. The administration framework is a protected vote based system.

History, Map, and Language

History of Sieera Leone is shedded with the blood of Leone War. The Bulom individuals were thought to have been the most punctual occupants of Sierra Leone, trailed by the Mende and Temne people groups in the fifteenth century and from that point the Fulani. The Portuguese were the first Europeans to investigate the area and gave Sierra Leone its name, which signifies "lion mountains."Leone Freetown, on the coast, was surrendered to English pioneers in 1787 as a home for blacks released from the British military furthermore for runaway slaves who had discovered refuge in London. In 1808, the waterfront territory turned into a British province, and in 1896 a British protectorate was announced over the hinterland. The official dialect of Sierra Leone is English.

Culture and Holidays

Around the capital, Freetown, the building design of the houses is fairly special. Regularly wood and clapboard in structure, they are recognizably affected by Krio and frontier English styles. Additionally in Freetown, vast structures have turn into a wellspring of national pride, particularly the administration State House and the national football stadium, which is a focal social affair place for some expansive occasions. For all Sierra Leoneans, rice is the staple sustenance, devoured at for all intents and purposes each feast. Reports regularly list Sierra Leoneans as 60 percent Muslim, 10 percent Christian, and 30 percent "indigenous adherents." There are rich and enthusiastic customs of narrating crosswise over Sierra Leone. Diamonds from Sierra Leone are very famous.

Atmosphere and climate

The atmosphere is tropical and moist all year. In the November to April, it is completely dry and hot, despite the fact that the seaside territories are cooled via ocean breezes. In the month of December to January, there is dry and dusty Harmattan wind which blows from the Sahara. Precipitation can be heavy amid the stormy season in the middle of May and November. In August, there is a stormy season which locally is called as 'seven-day precipitation' when the downpour continues succumbing to seven days in a row without intrusion. The nation was recently hit with Ebola virus.

Travelling and Tourism

Anybody entering Sierra Leone must have a legitimate international ID or travel archive. Yellow Fever inoculation endorsements are needed for most nationalities. Confirmation of inoculation may be obliged to get a visa and is checked at the airplane terminal on the entry. The Sierra Leone Road Transport Authority has a few means of transport which connect the real urban communities. There are minibusses which can be utilized as a part of Sierra Leone called poda. Sierra Leone has the third biggest regular harbor on the planet and is anticipating the landing of voyage boats. You can likewise get in via plane.

Vacations and Destination

The shorelines of the Freetown promontory are astounding, and on a normal day, forsook. There are no less than ten that could be portrayed as world-class. Banana Island is effectively open and offers fantastic common excellence, history, submerged and water exercises and endless scope of settlement alternatives. Bonthe Town, on Sherbro Island, is a previous British Colonial Town, with a few wonderful stone chapels, and a rich society. Tiwai Island (amidst a waterway in SE Sierra Leone) is abounding with uncommon untamed life.

Some facts about Sierra Leone

Population of country 5,245,695 people
Area of Sierra Leone 71,740 sq. kilometers
Located on the continent Africa (AF)
Capital of Sierra Leone Freetown
Currency at Sierra Leone Leone (SLL)
Domain Zone .sl
Phone country code 232
FIPS code of Sierra Leone SL

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Sierra Leone video guide

More information about Sierra Leone

Climate of Sierra Leone:
  • tropical
  • hot, humid
  • summer rainy season (May to December)
  • winter dry season (December to April)
Terrain of Sierra Leone:
  • coastal belt of mangrove swamps, wooded hill country, upland plateau, mountains in east
Sierra Leone also has such useful resources as: diamonds, titanium ore, bauxite, iron ore, gold, chromite.

Top cities of Sierra Leone

City Name Population State Coordinates
1 Freetown 802,639 people Western Area 8.484 x -13.22994
2 Bo 174,354 people Southern Province 7.96472 x -11.73833
3 Kenema 143,137 people Eastern Province 7.87667 x -11.1875
4 Makeni 87,679 people Northern Province 8.88333 x -12.05
5 Koidu 87,539 people Eastern Province 8.41667 x -10.83333
6 Lunsar 22,461 people Northern Province 8.68333 x -12.53333
7 Port Loko 21,308 people Northern Province 8.76667 x -12.78333
8 Waterloo 19,750 people Western Area 8.33833 x -13.07194
9 Kabala 17,948 people Northern Province 9.58333 x -11.55
10 Magburaka 14,915 people Northern Province 8.71667 x -11.95
11 Kailahun 14,085 people Eastern Province 8.28333 x -10.56667
12 Freetown 13,768 people Western Area 8.43194 x -13.28972
13 Bumpe 13,580 people Southern Province 7.89194 x -11.9025
14 Rokupr 12,504 people Northern Province 8.67167 x -12.395
15 Kambia 11,520 people Northern Province 9.11667 x -12.91667
16 Yengema 11,221 people Eastern Province 8.71667 x -11.16667
17 Gandorhun 10,678 people Southern Province 7.5 x -11.83333
18 Bonthe 9,647 people Southern Province 7.52639 x -12.505
19 Pendembu 8,780 people Eastern Province 8.1 x -10.7
20 Blama 8,146 people Eastern Province 7.87361 x -11.34333
21 Kamakwie 8,098 people Northern Province 9.5 x -12.23333
22 Panguma 7,965 people Eastern Province 8.18333 x -11.13333
23 Pujehun 7,926 people Southern Province 7.35806 x -11.72083
24 Kukuna 7,676 people Northern Province 9.4 x -12.66667
25 Barma 7,529 people Eastern Province 8.35 x -11.33333
26 Boajibu 7,384 people Eastern Province 8.18333 x -11.33333
27 Bunumbu 7,355 people Eastern Province 8.16667 x -10.86667
28 Sumbuya 7,074 people Southern Province 7.64667 x -11.96111
29 Moyamba 6,700 people Southern Province 8.16667 x -12.43333
30 Mambolo 6,624 people Northern Province 8.92306 x -13.04444

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