Description of Seychelles

Seychelles is a colleague of 115 islands in the Indian Ocean just in the close proximity of the Eastern Africa and in the northeast section of Madagascar.

History Map and Language

The Seychelles was a disputed island amidst Great Britan and France during the period of imperialism, with Britain giving up the control of the island in the year 1814 right after the Napoleonic War was over. The Seychelles island achieved its independence in the year 1976, but the first free state election occurred in the year of 1993.

No visa is needed for all nationalities. However all outsiders must have a passport legitimate for no less than 6 months, and must have confirmation of accommodation bookings before landing. Guests without pre-booked accommodation at Resort Seychelles are liable to be urged to book convenience at the airplane terminal for the length of their stay before being permitted to leave the air terminal. There are many luxury resorts that can be used for accommodation. A permission to enter the island is allowed for 1 month yet can be reached out for a most extreme of 3 months on end up to a greatest of 1 year altogether.

Climate and Weather

Seychelles is hot and moist, with a normal yearly temperature of 84°F (29°C), and normal ocean temperature once in a while dropping beneath 81°F (27°C) similar to that of Maldives. Be that as it may, the warmth is normally moderated by reviving ocean breezes, particularly by the shorelines. The cooler season in Seychelles is amid the southeast rainstorm season (May to September) and the hotter season is amid the northwest storm (November to March). April and October are "changeover months" between the two storms when the wind is variable. The Northwest rainstorm season has a tendency to be hotter with more rain while the Southeast storm season is generally drier and cooler.

Culture and Holidays

Seychellois society is basically matriarchal. Mothers have a tendency to be prevailing in the family, controlling most uses and taking care of the premiums of the children. Unwed moms are the societal standard, and the law obliges fathers to bolster their children. Men are essential for their acquiring capacity, however, their local part is generally fringe.

Vacation and Destination

Staple nourishments incorporate fish, fish and shellfish dishes, regularly went with rice. Fish dishes are cooked in a few courses, for example, steamed, flame broiled, wrapped in banana leaves, prepared, salted and smoked. Curry dishes with rice are additionally a huge part of the nation's food. There are many Luxury hotels that provide local as well as international cuisines.

Travelling and Tourism

There are many different kinds of tourist attractions that this island provides to all the travellers. Island has many beaches that are the most important tourist places along with this there are many adventure sports that are carried out on the island. Water sports are very popular over here and many trips of scuba diving, deep water snoring and other activities are carried in abundance.  Shopping is also carried out in abundance over here, as there are many gift shops consisting of local handmade jewels and pearls and other items. There are also many different kinds of designer items available in the island that too duty-free. 

Some facts about Seychelles

Population of country 88,340 people
Area of Seychelles 455 sq. kilometers
Located on the continent Africa (AF)
Capital of Seychelles Victoria
Currency at Seychelles Rupee (SCR)
Domain Zone .sc
Phone country code 248
FIPS code of Seychelles SE

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More information about Seychelles

Climate of Seychelles:
  • tropical marine
  • humid
  • cooler season during southeast monsoon (late May to September)
  • warmer season during northwest monsoon (March to May)
Terrain of Seychelles:
  • Mahe Group is granitic, narrow coastal strip, rocky, hilly
  • others are coral, flat, elevated reefs
Seychelles also has such useful resources as: fish, copra, cinnamon trees.

Top cities of Seychelles

City Name Population State Coordinates
1 Victoria 22,881 people English River -4.61667 x 55.45

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