Description of Senegal

Senegal is a nation in western Africa with an Atlantic Ocean coastline. Neighboring nations incorporate The Guinea, Guinea-Bissau, Mali, Gambia, and Mauritania. Senegal's topography is generally level and the northern outskirt is shaped by the Senegal River. The administration framework is a republic.

History, Map, and Language

Senegal has an essential pre-frontier history. The terrains now containing Senegal once were a piece of three realms: Ghana, Mali (which conveyed Islam to the range), and the Songhai. Senegalese culture emphatically reflects impacts from these Islamic rulers and conquerors.The slave exchange, which prospered from the 1600s until 1848, crushed this territory. Today one sees leftovers of this deplorable period in the island fortification of Gorée off the coast from the capital, Dakar. Gorée had served as one of West Africa's fundamental servitude stops. Language of Senegal is English.

Culture and Holidays

Africa Senegal has one of the wealthiest assemblages of composed writing and film in all of Africa. Léopold Senghor was a main writer and thinker, and additionally pioneer of the freedom development. Senegalese movie producers, for example, Safi Faye are universally celebrated. Senegalese artists have adjusted the customary music to contemporary music by utilizing electric and acoustic guitars, consoles, and a mixed bag of drums. More than twelve Senegalese rap assembles in Dakar have advanced from the extraordinary mix of Western and African musical conventions. Griots (storytellers) perform conventional Senegalese rap tunes that inform stories concerning society, much like antiquated griots portrayed the lives of old lords.

Climate and Weather

Arranged simply over the equator, Senegal advantages from a warm and tropical atmosphere, which sees temperatures floating from warm to greatly hot as the year progressed. Moving into the inside, temperatures hot up, with midpoints drifting around 30C (F). The most sizzling temperatures are found in the east on the Malian outskirt, where the mercury has honey bee known not 50C (F) and higher. The dry season keeps running from December through to April with cool exchange winds (called Harmattan winds) in beachfront regions, and this is, for the most part, the best time to visit. All through whatever remains of the year, from May to November, a hot storm wind blows from the south bringing the stormy season and hot, moist climate.

Travelling and Tourism

Biometric Visas are needed by everybody that is not a native of an African nation. The most ideal approach to get in Senegal is by flights. It is conceivable, however, a smidgen hard to get into Senegal via auto. Senegal restricts the import of autos that are over five years of age, however in the event that you are staying for a brief while, and consent to take your auto out of the nation, you ought to (in the end) be permitted through, yet this can't be ensured. Senegal Food is very popular.


This steady and inviting nation may be viewed as the Francophone equal to Ghana, as it offers an extraordinary general prologue to West Africa, however, can be trying for non-French speakers. Dakar, the capital, is a drawing in and vivacious city, known for its fine French cooking, occupied nightlife and enthusiastic music scene. Dakar Senegal lies on the Grand Cap Vert Peninsula inverse tired Gorée Island, a previous slave exchanging focus whose memorable rear ways are lined with old structures and exhibition halls. Senegal Parrot is also world famous. 

Some facts about Senegal

Population of country 12,323,252 people
Area of Senegal 196,190 sq. kilometers
Located on the continent Africa (AF)
Capital of Senegal Dakar
Currency at Senegal Franc (XOF)
Domain Zone .sn
Phone country code 221
FIPS code of Senegal SG

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More information about Senegal

Climate of Senegal:
  • tropical
  • hot, humid
  • rainy season (May to November) has strong southeast winds
  • dry season (December to April) dominated by hot, dry, harmattan wind
Terrain of Senegal:
  • generally low, rolling, plains rising to foothills in southeast
Senegal also has such useful resources as: fish, phosphates, iron ore.

Top cities of Senegal

City Name Population State Coordinates
1 Dakar 2,476,400 people Region de Dakar 14.6937 x -17.44406
2 Grand Dakar 2,352,057 people Region de Dakar 14.70889 x -17.45528
3 Pikine 874,062 people Region de Dakar 14.75 x -17.4
4 Thies Nones 252,320 people Region de Thies 14.78333 x -16.96667
5 Saint-Louis 176,000 people Region de Saint-Louis 16.01793 x -16.48962
6 Ziguinchor 159,778 people Region de Ziguinchor 12.58333 x -16.27194
7 Tiebo 100,289 people Region de Diourbel 14.63333 x -16.23333
8 Mbake 74,100 people Region de Diourbel 14.79032 x -15.90803
9 Kolda 58,809 people Kolda 12.88333 x -14.95
10 Richard-Toll 44,752 people Region de Saint-Louis 16.4625 x -15.70083
11 Joal-Fadiout 36,735 people Region de Thies 14.16667 x -16.83333
12 Dara 30,000 people Region de Louga 15.34844 x -15.47993
13 Ndibene Dahra 27,741 people Region de Louga 15.3338 x -15.4766
14 Bignona 26,237 people Region de Ziguinchor 12.81028 x -16.22639
15 Pourham 24,146 people Region de Fatick 14.35 x -16.41667
16 Velingara 22,441 people Kolda 13.15 x -14.11667
17 Nioro du Rip 20,711 people Region de Kaolack 13.75 x -15.8
18 Sedhiou 19,702 people Region de Sedhiou 12.70806 x -15.55694
19 Mekhe 19,242 people Region de Thies 15.1097 x -16.6218
20 Kedougou 17,922 people Region de Kedougou 12.5579 x -12.1743
21 Nguekokh 17,885 people Region de Thies 14.51278 x -17.005
22 Pout 17,752 people Region de Thies 14.77389 x -17.06028
23 Kayar 17,193 people Region de Thies 14.91917 x -17.12111
24 Guinguineo 15,395 people Region de Fatick 14.26667 x -15.95
25 Ouro Sogui 14,888 people Region de Matam 15.6 x -13.31667
26 Koungheul 14,725 people Region de Kaffrine 13.98333 x -14.8
27 Ndioum 13,198 people Region de Saint-Louis 16.51293 x -14.64706
28 Khombole 12,061 people Region de Thies 14.76667 x -16.7
29 Sokone 11,680 people Region de Fatick 13.88333 x -16.36667
30 Tiadiaye 10,853 people Region de Thies 14.41667 x -16.7

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