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Description of Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia is a middle eastern country that consists of most of the Arabian area. It has its coastline in the Res Sea as well as in the Persian Gulf and is bordered by countries such as Iraq, Kuwait and Jordan.

History Map and Location

Saudi Arabia involves a large portion of the Arabian Peninsula, which also includes the Red Sea along with the Gulf of Aqaba toward the west and also the Persian Gulf toward the east. Neighboring nations are Jordan, Bahrain, United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Qatar, Sultanate of Oman, and Iraq associated with the Saudi territory by a boulevard. Saudi Arabia has the world's biggest ceaseless sand abandon, the Rub Al-Khali. Its oil area lies basically in the eastern territory along with the Persian Gulf.

Saudi Arabia was outright monarchy government until 1992 when the Saud imperial family presented the nation's constitution. The lawful framework was made by taking into account the sharia.

Saudi Arabia covers more or less four-fifths of the region of the Arabian Peninsula, which can be portrayed as a rectangular level bit by bit inclining downhill toward the east until coming to ocean level at the Persian Gulf.

 In Saudi Arabia, the reach is usually known as the Hejaz. However the southernmost piece of the extent is known as Aseer. In the foothills of the Hejaz lies the heavenly city of Mecca, and pretty nearly 400km north of Mecca in a desert garden between two huge magma fields lies the other blessed city of Medina. West of the Sarawat or Hejaz mountain extent is a thin seaside plain known as Tihama, in which the nation's second biggest city, Jidda, is found.

Language of Saudi Arabia is Arabic and majority of the population in the country follows the Muslim religion. Average of Sunni Muslim in Saudi is about 75 % to 80% and that of Shia Muslim is of 10% TO 25%.

Culture and Holidays

Saudi Arabia has hundreds of years old states of mind and conventions, regularly got from Arab human progress. This society has been vigorously affected by the grimly rigid Wahhabi type of Islam, which emerged in the eighteenth century and now prevails in the nation. Wahhabi Islam has been called "the prevalent element of Saudi society. The Saudi Arabian dress is entirely designed following the standards of hijab (the Islamic guideline of unobtrusiveness, particularly in a dress). The clothing is loose yes is designed so that it will cover the body completely so as to suite the Saudi’s climate. In open, Arabia Women are obliged to wear a dark abaya or other dark attire that covers everything under the neck except for their hands and feet, albeit most ladies cover their head in appreciation for their religion. This necessity applies to non-Muslim ladies as well and inability to withstand will bring about police action.

Travelling and Tourism

Travelling to Saudi Requires Visa and getting here is not that easy. Tourism is not the main business over here, yet the country experiences lakhs of tourists and devotees visiting the holy cities of Mecca.

Vacation and Destination

The Sarawat or Sarat mountain reach running parallel to the Red Sea coast starting close to the Jordanian fringe until the southern shore of Yemen, step by step expanding in stature southwards. It is to a great extent made up of desolate volcanic rock, particularly in the south, and sandstone in the north, however, it is additionally sprinkled with old magma fields and prolific valleys. As you moves facilitate south towards Yemen, the desolate scene step by step offers an approach to green mountains and even forests, the aftereffect of being in the scope of the storms.

Some facts about Saudi Arabia

Population of country 25,731,776 people
Area of Saudi Arabia 1,960,582 sq. kilometers
Located on the continent Middle East (AS)
Capital of Saudi Arabia Riyadh
Currency at Saudi Arabia Rial (SAR)
Domain Zone .sa
Phone country code 966
FIPS code of Saudi Arabia SA

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More information about Saudi Arabia

Climate of Saudi Arabia:
  • harsh, dry desert with great temperature extremes
Terrain of Saudi Arabia:
  • mostly uninhabited, sandy desert
Saudi Arabia also has such useful resources as: petroleum, natural gas, iron ore, gold, copper.

Top cities of Saudi Arabia

City Name Population State Coordinates
1 Riyadh 4,205,961 people Mintaqat ar Riyad 24.68773 x 46.72185
2 Jeddah 2,867,446 people Mintaqat Makkah 21.51694 x 39.21917
3 Mecca 1,323,624 people Mintaqat Makkah 21.42667 x 39.82611
4 Medina 1,300,000 people Mintaqat al Madinah 24.46861 x 39.61417
5 Sultanah 946,697 people Mintaqat al Madinah 24.49258 x 39.58572
6 Ad Dammam 768,602 people Al Mintaqah ash Sharqiyah 26.43442 x 50.10326
7 Tayif 530,848 people Mintaqat Makkah 21.27028 x 40.41583
8 Tabuk 455,450 people Mintaqat Tabuk 28.38333 x 36.58333
9 Buraydah 391,336 people 26.32599 x 43.97497
10 Khamis Mushayt 387,553 people 18.30639 x 42.72917
11 Al Hufuf 293,179 people Al Mintaqah ash Sharqiyah 25.36457 x 49.56532
12 Al Mubarraz 290,802 people Al Mintaqah ash Sharqiyah 25.41 x 49.58083
13 Hayil 267,005 people Mintaqat Ha'il 27.52188 x 41.69073
14 Najran 258,573 people 17.4924 x 44.12766
15 Al Jubayl 237,274 people Al Mintaqah ash Sharqiyah 27.01122 x 49.65826
16 Abha 210,886 people Mintaqat `Asir 18.21639 x 42.50528
17 Yanbu` al Bahr 200,161 people Mintaqat al Madinah 24.08912 x 38.06374
18 Al Khubar 165,799 people Al Mintaqah ash Sharqiyah 26.27944 x 50.20833
19 `Ar`ar 148,540 people Northern Borders Region 30.97531 x 41.03808
20 Sakaka 128,332 people Mintaqat al Jawf 29.96974 x 40.20641
21 Jizan 105,198 people Mintaqat Jizan 16.88917 x 42.55111
22 Al Qurayyat 102,903 people Mintaqat al Jawf 31.33176 x 37.34282
23 Dhahran 99,540 people Al Mintaqah ash Sharqiyah 26.30324 x 50.13528
24 Al Qatif 98,259 people 26.5208 x 50.02452
25 Al Bahah 88,419 people 20.01288 x 41.46767
26 Tarut 85,371 people 26.57332 x 50.03694
27 Qal`at Bishah 81,828 people 20.00054 x 42.6052
28 Ar Rass 81,728 people Mintaqat al Qasim 25.86944 x 43.4973
29 Sayhat 66,702 people Al Mintaqah ash Sharqiyah 26.48522 x 50.04046
30 Zbe 65,000 people Mintaqat Tabuk 27.35134 x 35.69014

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