Description of Rwanda

Rwanda is one of the main African kingdoms to have kept its personality through the pioneer period. On the other hand, provincial standard hurt Rwanda in ways that helped lead to ethnic fighting in the 1990s. Rwanda is a small nation in the Great Lakes locale of Central Africa.


Rwanda turned into a German settlement in the 1890s. The Germans treated the high society Tutsi better than the Hutu. After Germany had lost World War I (1914–18), the Belgians took control. Like the Germans, they supported the Tutsi. In 1994, up to 1 million individuals were slaughtered. The casualties were generally Tutsi. Nonetheless, numerous Hutu who contradicted the administration likewise kicked the bucket. At last, the Renegades toppled the administration. The new government pledged to manufacture a general public that would not be in light of ethnic divisions.

Culture and Holidays

The Rwandan society incorporates the number of inhabitants in Rwanda as well as individuals in neighboring states, especially Congo and Uganda, who talk the Kinyarwanda dialect. The imperative ethnic divisions inside Rwandan culture between Hutu, Tutsi, and Twa are in light of impression of recorded gathering causes as opposed to on social contrasts. Every one of the three gatherings talk the same dialect, rehearse the same religions, and live mixed all through the same domain; they are along these lines broadly considered to share a typical society, in spite of profound political divisions.

Climate and Weather

Notwithstanding its vicinity to the equator, because of the high elevation of a large portion of the nation, Rwanda has a mild atmosphere with temperatures not frequently moving over 25C. The long dry season is from June to September and there are two yearly stormy seasons, the first from mid-March until the start of June and little rains from mid-September to December. The best time for gorilla and monkey following is the dry season - if to extra you getting splashed (you can in any case see them in the downpour, they simply get a touch surly). The dry season is likewise great on the off chance that you need to see diversion in Akagera National Park because thirst will attract the creatures to the watering gaps.

Travelling and Tourism

Here are some of the Rwanda Facts, it has perhaps the best streets in East Africa. The greater part of the significant focuses is associated with nearby and extravagance transport administrations, albeit as with a large portion of Africa these can be problematic on occasion. Rwanda has no railroads, however, there are numerous little air terminals spotted the nation over making it simple to take a contracted flight between destinations. Your Rhino Africa specialist will sort out your vehicle around Rwanda.

Vacations and Destinations

Rwanda Summary is an uneven zone which lies in the focal piece of Africa and is partitioned by the Rift Valley. There is a broad mountain extent reaching out from the north to south. There are numerous attractions in Rwanda, which are spread all through the nation. Hotel Rwanda attractions basically incorporate national parks, exhibition halls, falls, and lakes. Kigali, the capital, does not have numerous vacation destination spots. 

Some facts about Rwanda

Population of country 11,055,976 people
Area of Rwanda 26,338 sq. kilometers
Located on the continent Africa (AF)
Capital of Rwanda Kigali
Currency at Rwanda Franc (RWF)
Domain Zone .rw
Phone country code 250
FIPS code of Rwanda RW

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More information about Rwanda

Climate of Rwanda:
  • temperate
  • two rainy seasons (February to April, November to January)
  • mild in mountains with frost and snow possible
Terrain of Rwanda:
  • mostly grassy uplands and hills
  • relief is mountainous with altitude declining from west to east
Rwanda also has such useful resources as: gold, cassiterite (tin ore), wolframite (tungsten ore), methane, hydropower, arable land.

Top cities of Rwanda

City Name Population State Coordinates
1 Kigali 745,261 people Kigali City -1.94995 x 30.05885
2 Butare 89,600 people Southern Province -2.59667 x 29.73944
3 Gitarama 87,613 people Southern Province -2.07444 x 29.75667
4 Ruhengeri 86,685 people Northern Province -1.49984 x 29.63497
5 Gisenyi 83,623 people Western Province -1.70278 x 29.25639
6 Byumba 70,593 people Northern Province -1.5763 x 30.0675
7 Cyangugu 63,883 people Western Province -2.4846 x 28.9075
8 Kibuye 48,024 people Western Province -2.0597 x 29.3482
9 Rwamagana 47,203 people Eastern Province -1.9487 x 30.4347
10 Kibungo 46,240 people Eastern Province -2.1597 x 30.5427
11 Nzega 33,832 people Southern Province -2.479 x 29.5564

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