Description of Romania

Romania is located in southeastern Europe and borders with Hungary, Yugoslavia, Bulgaria, Ukraine and Moldova. Romania occupies an area of 237,500 square kilometers, which is greater than combined areas of Bulgaria and Hungary. All of Romania, with the exception of the Black Sea coast, is part of the Danube basin. 2850 km long Danube passes through nine countries and finishes the way by its Delta in Romania. To the south of the Delta is the Black Sea coast, to the south-west - the Danube lowland. The bow-shaped Carpathian Mountains with mountain pastures on the top and dense forests at the bottom occupy the third of the country. Another third is covered by hills and plateaus, abundant orchards and vineyards. A fertile plain, where cereals, vegetables, herbs and other crops are cultivated, occupies the rest of the country.

Romania is a republic country. The head of the country is the president, the head of the government - the prime minister. Administratively, the country is divided into districts (counties), cities and communes. Hotels, motels, visiting homes and campgrounds are located throughout Romania. In the mountains, at high altitudes (for lovers of mountaineering) one can find camp sites. Hotels in Romania are classified from 1 to 5 stars, motels from 1 to 3 stars, and rural apartments from 1 to 4 flowers (daisies). Prices are available according to Western standards. In Bucharest there are 5-star hotels at your disposal. 4-3-2 - star hotels are in the big cities and tourist resorts. You can also rent private apartments and villas located in beauty spots. Residences for recreation and hunting of the former Ceausescu couple can also be rented. Rural houses offer a very attractive alternative, keeping ancient traditions, and there are resorts that offer a variety of services to tourists. Here you can enjoy the advantage of modern comfort, the taste of traditional dishes; and just relax.

Some facts about Romania

Population of country 21,959,278 people
Area of Romania 237,500 sq. kilometers
Located on the continent Europe (EU)
Capital of Romania Bucharest
Currency at Romania Leu (RON)
Domain Zone .ro
Phone country code 40
FIPS code of Romania RO

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More information about Romania

Climate of Romania:
  • temperate
  • cold, cloudy winters with frequent snow and fog
  • sunny summers with frequent showers and thunderstorms
Terrain of Romania:
  • central Transylvanian Basin is separated from the Moldavian Plateau on the east by the Eastern Carpathian Mountains and separated from the Walachian Plain on the south by the Transylvanian Alps
Romania also has such useful resources as: petroleum (reserves declining), timber, natural gas, coal, iron ore, salt, arable land, hydropower.

Top cities of Romania

City Name Population State Coordinates
1 Bucuresti 1,877,155 people Municipiul Bucuresti 44.43225 x 26.10626
2 Iasi 318,012 people Judetul Iasi 47.16667 x 27.6
3 Cluj-Napoca 316,748 people Judetul Cluj 46.76667 x 23.6
4 Timisoara 315,053 people Judetul Timis 45.74944 x 21.22722
5 Craiova 304,142 people Judetul Dolj 44.31667 x 23.8
6 Constanta 303,399 people Judetul Constanta 44.18333 x 28.65
7 Galati 294,087 people Judetul Galati 45.45 x 28.05
8 Brasov 276,088 people Judetul Brasov 45.64861 x 25.60613
9 Ploiesti 228,851 people Judetul Prahova 44.95 x 26.01667
10 Braila 213,569 people Judetul Braila 45.26667 x 27.98333
11 Oradea 206,614 people Judetul Bihor 47.06667 x 21.93333
12 Bacau 171,396 people Judetul Bacau 46.56667 x 26.9
13 Arad 169,065 people Judetul Arad 46.18333 x 21.31667
14 Pitesti 167,669 people Judetul Arges 44.85 x 24.86667
15 Sibiu 151,894 people Judetul Sibiu 45.8 x 24.15
16 Targu-Mures 146,863 people Judetul Mures 46.54245 x 24.55747
17 Baia Mare 137,976 people Judetul Satu Mare 47.65331 x 23.57949
18 Baia Mare 136,553 people Maramures 47.65729 x 23.56808
19 Buzau 130,954 people Judetul Buzau 45.15 x 26.83333
20 Botosani 114,783 people Judetul Botosani 47.75 x 26.66667
21 Satu Mare 112,490 people Judetul Satu Mare 47.8 x 22.88333
22 Ramnicu Valcea 107,558 people Judetul Valcea 45.1 x 24.36667
23 Suceava 105,796 people Suceava 47.63333 x 26.25
24 Focsani 105,112 people Judetul Vrancea 45.7 x 27.18333
25 Piatra Neamt 102,688 people Judetul Neamt 46.91667 x 26.33333
26 Drobeta-Turnu Severin 102,346 people Judetul Mehedinti 44.63194 x 22.65611
27 Targu Jiu 97,179 people Judetul Gorj 45.05 x 23.28333
28 Tulcea 92,475 people Judetul Tulcea 45.16667 x 28.8
29 Targoviste 90,000 people Judetul Dambovita 44.92142 x 25.45575
30 Targoviste 88,435 people Judetul Dambovita 44.93333 x 25.45

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