Description of Reunion

Réunion island in the Indian Ocean, lying around 800 km east of Madagascar in the southern half of the globe. It is biggest of the Mascarene Islands gathering made up of the islands of Mauritius and Rodriguez. Volcanic in the cause, the island ascended from the ocean taking after an emission and even now, an inclining chain of volcanic tops keeps running over the island. This chain isolates a green, moist eastern zone from a dry, protected south and west.

History, Map, and Language

Found toward the start of the sixteenth century, the island was come to by the French in 1643. The reunion was without occupants. The French sent twelve convicts into outcast there. In 1649, they authoritatively asserted the island for the sake of the Lord and named it Bourbon. Colonization began in 1665 when the French East India Company sent the initial twenty pioneers. After 1715, pilgrims created espresso and flavors, which at last were supplanted by sugarcane. In 1792, France renamed the island La Reunion

Culture and Holidays

Whites and individuals of African, Tamil, see themselves as the first tenants of the island, as opposed to Gujaratis and Chinese. In any case, every local occupant feels an in number contrast in the middle of themselves and individuals from territory France. The French, who, for the most part, don't stay more than three or four years on the island, are infrequently viewed as full individuals from the general public. Both populaces live near to one another yet occupy distinctive social universes. Most authors who utilize the Creole dialect underscore a worldwide character

Climate and Weather

The atmosphere is tropical with two principle seasons. In the middle of October and March, the mid-year is exceptionally blustery and subject to tropical storms, with normal temperatures of 28°C. Winter keeps going from April to September; it is cooler and drier with temperatures of around 20°C.

Travelling and Tourism

You can get in via airplane terminal without Reunion Invitations. The two universal airplane terminals on Réunion Island are at Saint-Denis and Saint-Pierre. Passage via ocean can be either by the MV Mauritius Pride that travels in the seaward waters of the Mascarene Islands, withdraws from Mauritius and makes a few calls a month at Réunion or on voyage vessels, traveler liners or cargo transporters that stop at the dock at Pointe-des-Galets. The ship ride in the middle of Mauritius and Reunion takes around 12 hours; expenses vacillate contingent upon the season.

Vacation and Destination

Reunion, for the most part, to practice amazing Reunion games in Reunion Resort like "canyoning" or rafting. There are also many Reunion golf course in the place. The Plaine des Sables is a plain of fiery remains and igneous rock that lies only north of Reunion's well of lava. You drive crosswise over it as you approach the spring of gushing lava, and it feels like you are on the moon, with not a single vegetation to be found. There are spots where you can stop your auto and trek out onto the plain. 

Some facts about Reunion

Population of country 776,948 people
Area of Reunion 2,517 sq. kilometers
Located on the continent (AF)
Capital of Reunion Saint-Denis
Currency at Reunion Euro (EUR)
Domain Zone .re
Phone country code 262
FIPS code of Reunion RE

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Top cities of Reunion

City Name Population State Coordinates
1 Saint-Denis 137,195 people Reunion -20.88231 x 55.4504
2 Saint-Paul 99,307 people Reunion -21.00963 x 55.27071
3 Saint-Pierre 76,655 people Reunion -21.3393 x 55.47811
4 Le Tampon 69,986 people Reunion -21.28309 x 55.51802
5 Saint-Andre 48,674 people Reunion -20.96333 x 55.65031
6 Saint-Louis 47,881 people Reunion -21.28585 x 55.41124
7 Le Port 40,771 people Reunion -20.9373 x 55.29189
8 Saint-Benoit 35,310 people Reunion -21.03801 x 55.71937
9 Saint-Joseph 33,694 people Reunion -21.37838 x 55.61918
10 Sainte-Marie 31,636 people Reunion -20.89684 x 55.5496
11 Saint-Leu 28,278 people Reunion -21.17059 x 55.28824
12 La Possession 26,865 people Reunion -20.92892 x 55.33513
13 Sainte-Suzanne 20,530 people Reunion -20.90614 x 55.60886
14 Petite-Ile 10,961 people Reunion -21.35 x 55.56667
15 Bras-Panon 10,444 people Reunion -20.99667 x 55.67823
16 Les Avirons 8,006 people Reunion -21.24181 x 55.33938
17 Salazie 7,696 people Reunion -21.02734 x 55.539
18 Trois-Bassins 7,114 people Reunion -21.1 x 55.3
19 Sainte-Rose 7,035 people Reunion -21.12983 x 55.79629
20 Cilaos 6,225 people Reunion -21.13357 x 55.4719
21 L'Entre-Deux 5,788 people Reunion -21.23333 x 55.46667
22 Saint-Philippe 5,441 people Reunion -21.35852 x 55.76795

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