Puerto Rico

Description of Puerto Rico

Rico San is an island arranged in the plate limit zone between the Caribbean and the North American Plates. This is a geographically entrancing, tectonically dynamic locale, where the Caribbean Plate has over-ridden the North American Plate and is presently sliding past it with strike-slip movement. The subtle elements of this tectonic collaboration are inadequately seen, generally because a great part of the area lies submerged, making it hard to concentrate on.

History, Map, and Language

Vacation Puerto Rico involves a core position in the historical backdrop of the American landmass. Colonized by Spanish pilgrim Juan Ponce de León in 1508, the island contains the most established European-established settlement under US purview. Much sooner than Sir Walter Raleigh and the Pilgrim Fathers had tried things out of the rough Atlantic, the first stone defenses of El Morro stronghold in Old San Juan had been etched deftly into the right spot. About 500 years after the fact, they're still there.

Culture and Holidays

Puerto Rico society is to some degree complex - others will call it beautiful. Society is a progression of visual indications and associations with the environment that make an area and/or a gathering of individuals not quite the same as whatever is left of the world. Puerto Rico undoubtedly has a few one of a kind qualities that recognize their way of life from whatever other. Wedding Puerto is a very big affair and widely celebrated.  

Climate and Weather

A Little distinction exists in the middle of winter and summer temperatures. On the coast, expect daytime highs in the low 80 degrees Fahrenheit and overnight lows almost 70 amid the winter months, and highs in the upper 80s with lows in the mid-70s in the mid-year. Temperatures diminish with elevation, running 5 to 15 degrees lower in the mountains, by and large. Notwithstanding its tropical area, the record high in Puerto Rico is just 98 degrees, lower than the record highs in the greater part of the 50 states, including Alaska. Rico Cruise is also very widely famous.

Travelling and Tourism

Puerto Rico is the most open island in the Caribbean. It has air administration from most major American center points and all the major carriers serve San Juan. There is exceptionally constrained worldwide support of different air terminals in Puerto Rico. Rico cheap flights are also flown from various different parts of the world.  Since it's a piece of the United States, there are no bothers for U.S. explorers identified with the fringe passage, coin trade, et cetera.

Vacation and Destination

Puerto Rico is honored with towering mountains, rainforests, white sandy shorelines along Caribbean shores, and dynamic society fashioned from a blend of Caribbean, Hispanic, African, and U.S. impacts. Society vultures will discover an abundance of memorable structures and landmarks, large portions of them going back approximately 500 years to the Spanish conquistadors.

There are three world-class historical centers and a flourishing exhibition scene in San Juan. The city is more private yet pretty much as energizing as Miami or Las Vegas, and the complex style feeling of the city and its occupants will really inspire guests. San Juan's nightlife, feasting scene, gambling clubs and live execution schedule are pretty much as huge. Include a portion of the best golf and tennis in the West Indies, rich shoreline resorts, quiet and odd hotels and guesthouses, and you've got an impressive fascination. 

Some facts about Puerto Rico

Population of country 3,916,632 people
Area of Puerto Rico 9,104 sq. kilometers
Located on the continent Central America and the Caribbean (NA)
Capital of Puerto Rico San Juan
Currency at Puerto Rico Dollar (USD)
Domain Zone .pr
Phone country code +1-787 and
FIPS code of Puerto Rico RQ

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Puerto Rico video guide

More information about Puerto Rico

Climate of Puerto Rico:
  • tropical marine, mild
  • little seasonal temperature variation
Terrain of Puerto Rico:
  • mostly mountains with coastal plain belt in north
  • mountains precipitous to sea on west coast
  • sandy beaches along most coastal areas
Puerto Rico also has such useful resources as: some copper and nickel; potential for onshore and offshore oil.

Top cities of Puerto Rico

City Name Population State Coordinates
1 San Juan 418,140 people San Juan 18.46633 x -66.10572
2 Bayamon 203,499 people Bayamon Municipio 18.39856 x -66.15572
3 Carolina 170,404 people Carolina Municipio 18.38078 x -65.95739
4 Ponce 152,634 people Ponce Municipio 18.01108 x -66.61406
5 Caguas 86,804 people Caguas Municipio 18.23412 x -66.0485
6 Guaynabo 81,360 people Guaynabo Municipio 18.35745 x -66.111
7 Mayagueez 78,647 people Mayagueez Municipio 18.20107 x -67.13962
8 Trujillo Alto 54,189 people Trujillo Alto Municipio 18.35467 x -66.00739
9 Arecibo 49,318 people Arecibo 18.47244 x -66.71573
10 Fajardo 34,068 people Fajardo Municipio 18.32579 x -65.65238
11 Levittown 29,785 people Toa Baja Municipio 18.44995 x -66.18156
12 Vega Baja 29,325 people Vega Baja Municipio 18.44439 x -66.38767
13 Catano 28,093 people Catano Municipio 18.44134 x -66.11822
14 Barceloneta 22,322 people Barceloneta 18.4505 x -66.53851
15 Guayama 21,575 people Guayama Municipio 17.98413 x -66.11378
16 Humacao 20,387 people Humacao Municipio 18.14968 x -65.82738
17 Yauco 20,295 people Yauco Municipio 18.03496 x -66.8499
18 Cayey 18,494 people Cayey Municipio 18.11191 x -66.166
19 Candelaria 17,631 people Toa Baja Municipio 18.40411 x -66.20878
20 Manati 16,092 people Manati Municipio 18.42745 x -66.49212
21 Aguadilla 16,073 people Aguadilla 18.42745 x -67.15407
22 Rio Grande 13,467 people Rio Grande Municipio 18.38023 x -65.83127
23 Dorado 13,117 people Dorado Municipio 18.45883 x -66.26767
24 Isabela 12,505 people Municipio de Isabela 18.50078 x -67.02435
25 San German 12,055 people San German Municipio 18.08163 x -67.0449
26 Vega Alta 12,036 people Vega Alta Municipio 18.41217 x -66.33128
27 Coamo 11,940 people Coamo Municipio 18.07996 x -66.35795
28 Hormigueros 11,934 people Hormigueros Municipio 18.13968 x -67.1274
29 San Sebastian 11,590 people San Sebastian Municipio 18.33662 x -66.99018
30 Corozal 11,297 people Corozal Municipio 18.34106 x -66.31684

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