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Portugal is a country situated in the Iberian Peninsula in Southwest European. It is the western most country of the mainland Europe. Portugal, the best value destination has a unique culture, lively cities and beautiful countryside. Its neighbouring countries are Spain, which also covers most of the Iberian Peninsula. Lisbon is the capital and the largest city of Portugal.


  • In the year 1908, the king and crown prince were executed.
  • 1910- Portugal was declared republic after an uprising by military officers. There are almost 45 changes of government between 1910 and 1945.
  • 1932 – Antonio Salazar became prime minister and ruled for 36 years, banning workers strikes and political parties but Portugal was declared neutral during World War II.
  • 1961 – Portuguese Goa was occupied by India and local nationalists rose up in Angola.
  • 1968 – Antonio Salazar suffered a stroke and new premier declared Marcello Caetano. Limited Economic Development programmes were started.
  • 1974 –Military officers grew cautious to serve in colonial wars. On April 25, hundreds of them borne out a bloodless coup. After that, Portugal blends socialism and democracy as a new constitution was launched.
  • 1986 – Portugal joined the European Economic Community and a dramatic change occurs.
    Portugal recovers eventually and today it is a well integrated and stable country.


  • Half of the “New World” once belonged to Portugal.
  • Portuguese is the official language of nine countries.
  • It is the oldest country in Europe.
  • It is the country in the world with largest cork producer.
  • Portugal has the largest bridge in Europe called Vasco da Gama which is 17 kilometres long.
  • World’s top surf spot is Portugal.
  • Portugal was the first colonial power to abolish slavery.

Map and Language

Portugal is the westernmost country of Europe which occupies the greater portion of the Iberian Peninsula. Portugal is surrounded by the Spain from north to the east and by the Atlantic Ocean from south and west.

The Portuguese language is spoken in Portugal and it is the official language of 9 countries with about 230 million people spoke around the world.

Culture and Sports

Portuguese’s culture essentials trait is Fatalism and they call it Fado which has given rise to the music genre. Portugal people in the different region have their own style of dancing and singing. Some regional dances are – Chula, Airana, Vira, Corridinho and Fandango.
On the night of June 23, Portugal’s liveliest celebration is made- called the Festa do São João do Porto. Furthermore, Festa de Colete Encomado also held which features running of the bulls.

According to the Guinness Book of World Records, the Lisbon-based S.L. Benefica is the world’s most supported football club. Addition to it, the Portugal national football team represents Portugal and their current FIFA ranking is 7.

Climate and Weather

The climate of Portugal is Mediterranean climate. June and September are the pleasing and gratifying months while months from November to March face heavy rainfall. Also, the summer months brings splendid beach days and many hours of sunshine.

Travelling and Tourism

The places to visit which can make your trip interesting, momentous and lovely are Doura Valley, Museu Calouste Gulbenkian, Torre de Belem, Lagos, Igreja de Sao, Coninbriga Ruins, Ribeira and many more. Also, Lisbon is the place not to be missed as the city fulfilled with light standing and the views are best illustrious and appreciated. Moreover, Porto is a city with huge wealth of heritage and shares the famous wine which produced on the slopes of river Douro.

Vacations and Destinations

On vacations to visit Portugal will definitely glee and delight you as there are many romantic and inspiring places. The top priority destinations should also be Algrave and Cascais. Also, they have the leading resorts for the best sun, sea sightseeing which gives a charming and picturesque view. Finding accommodations are also very easy.

Portugal is a country in the south-west of Europe, located in the western part of the Iberian Peninsula. In the north and the east is bordered by Spain. In the west and the south is washed by the Atlantic Ocean. The Madeira and the Azores islands are the autonomous regions of Portugal. The total area of ​​Portugal, including the Azores (2,335 sq. km) and the Madeira (794 sq. km) is of 92 082 square kilometers. Portugal also includes an overseas territory in East Asia called Macau, located near Hong Kong. Most of the country is mountainous; in the west and the south mountains pass into extensive coastal plain.

The highest mountain range of Portugal, Serra da Estrela, reaches a height of up to 2,000 meters. The country is crossed by three large rivers, originating in Spain and flowing into the Atlantic Ocean: the Tejo (Tagus), the mouth of which is located in Lisbon, the Douro (Duero) and the Guardian, which forms part of the eastern border of the country.

You can call from any phone box. The call is paid, usually, by phone cards, which can be purchased at the post office. You can call from your hotel room; in this case the value of the conversation may be much higher. Dialing sequence: 07 + area code + phone number.

Some facts about Portugal

Population of country 10,676,000 people
Area of Portugal 92,391 sq. kilometers
Located on the continent Europe (EU)
Capital of Portugal Lisbon
Currency at Portugal Euro (EUR)
Domain Zone .pt
Phone country code 351
FIPS code of Portugal PO

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More information about Portugal

Climate of Portugal:
  • maritime temperate
  • cool and rainy in north, warmer and drier in south
Terrain of Portugal:
  • mountainous north of the Tagus River, rolling plains in south
Portugal also has such useful resources as: fish, forests (cork), iron ore, copper, zinc, tin, tungsten, silver, gold, uranium, marble, clay, gypsum, salt, arable land, hydropower.

Top cities of Portugal

City Name Population State Coordinates
1 Lisbon 517,802 people Lisbon 38.71667 x -9.13333
2 Porto 249,633 people Distrito do Porto 41.15 x -8.61667
3 Amadora 178,858 people Lisbon 38.75382 x -9.23083
4 Braga 121,394 people Distrito de Braga 41.55032 x -8.42005
5 Setubal 117,110 people Distrito de Setubal 38.5244 x -8.8882
6 Coimbra 106,582 people Distrito de Coimbra 40.2 x -8.41667
7 Queluz 103,399 people Lisbon 38.75657 x -9.25451
8 Funchal 100,847 people Regiao Autonoma da Madeira 32.63333 x -16.9
9 Cacem 93,982 people Lisbon 38.76698 x -9.29793
10 Vila Nova de Gaia 70,811 people Distrito do Porto 41.13333 x -8.61667
11 Loures 66,231 people Lisbon 38.83091 x -9.16845
12 Evora 55,620 people Distrito de Evora 38.56667 x -7.9
13 Rio de Mouro 54,695 people Lisbon 38.77457 x -9.3276
14 Odivelas 54,624 people Lisbon 38.79269 x -9.1838
15 Aveiro 54,162 people Aveiro 40.63333 x -8.65
16 Amora 52,577 people Distrito de Setubal 38.62961 x -9.11557
17 Corroios 52,520 people Distrito de Setubal 38.64502 x -9.14843
18 Barreiro 51,280 people Distrito de Setubal 38.66314 x -9.0724
19 Monsanto 50,000 people Distrito de Santarem 39.46667 x -8.71667
20 Rio Tinto 49,966 people Distrito do Porto 41.18333 x -8.56667
21 Sao Domingos de Rana 46,718 people Lisbon 38.70123 x -9.3276
22 Leiria 45,112 people Distrito de Leiria 39.74362 x -8.80705
23 Ponte do Lima 44,667 people Distrito de Viana do Castelo 41.76719 x -8.58393
24 Faro 41,355 people Distrito de Faro 37.01667 x -7.93333
25 Sesimbra 41,134 people Distrito de Setubal 38.44451 x -9.10149
26 Guimaraes 40,604 people Distrito de Braga 41.45 x -8.3
27 Ermezinde 39,420 people Distrito do Porto 41.21667 x -8.55
28 Portimao 38,487 people Distrito de Faro 37.13856 x -8.53775
29 Cascais 36,436 people Lisbon 38.6979 x -9.42146
30 Maia 36,426 people Distrito do Porto 41.23333 x -8.61667

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