Description of Poland

Poland is the country of central Europe. Warsaw is located near the geometric center of Europe, which is crossed by lines connecting the Cape Matapan on the Peloponnese peninsula and the Cape Nordkinn in Norway, and also the Portuguese Cape Roca with the central Ural Mountains of Russia. Across the country is a border between the continental blocks of Western and Eastern Europe. The country occupies an area of 312.658 square kilometers. Poland ranks ninth among European countries and the 63rd among the world´s countries.

Territorial borders of Poland were identified by the victorious states of World War II. Following the decision, the country lost about a fifth of its prewar territory.

Geographic contours of Poland resemble a circle with a prominent feature - a tiny sprout in the north of the country, which is the Hel Peninsula (with the length of 34 km and an average width of about 0.5 km). Poland shares its borders with the Czech Republic (790 km) in the south, and with Belarus (416 km), Ukraine (529 km), Lithuania and Russia (103 km and 210 km) in the east. The total length of its land and water borders is about 3496 km.

Poland is a country with a different topographical geography. Along the southern borders of Poland stretch the Sudetes and the Carpathian Mountains. The Sudetes belong to one of the oldest mountain masses of Europe (the highest peak is the Mount Snowball located at the height of 1602 m above sea level). The Carpathian Mountains are much younger. The Tatra Mountains form their central part; it is the only part of the Polish mountains with alpine character; here is the highest mountain of Poland – the Mount Robe (with a height of 2499 m above sea level). There are hundreds of lakes in the northern part of the country. Among the rolling hills and beautiful forests, the Pomeranian and Masurian Lakes are situated. The largest lake is Śniardwy (with an area of 109 700 ha). In the north of the country are the sandy shores of the Baltic Sea. The main Polish ports of the Baltic coast are Gdynia, Szczecin and Gdansk.

Some facts about Poland

Population of country 38,500,000 people
Area of Poland 312,685 sq. kilometers
Located on the continent Europe (EU)
Capital of Poland Warsaw
Currency at Poland Zloty (PLN)
Domain Zone .pl
Phone country code 48
FIPS code of Poland PL

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More information about Poland

Climate of Poland:
  • temperate with cold, cloudy, moderately severe winters with frequent precipitation
  • mild summers with frequent showers and thundershowers
Terrain of Poland:
  • mostly flat plain
  • mountains along southern border
Poland also has such useful resources as: coal, sulfur, copper, natural gas, silver, lead, salt, amber, arable land.

Top cities of Poland

City Name Population State Coordinates
1 Warsaw 1,702,139 people Masovian Voivodeship 52.22977 x 21.01178
2 Lodz 768,755 people Lodz Voivodeship 51.75 x 19.46667
3 Krakow 755,050 people Lesser Poland Voivodeship 50.08333 x 19.91667
4 Wroclaw 634,893 people Lower Silesian Voivodeship 51.1 x 17.03333
5 Poznan 570,352 people Greater Poland Voivodeship 52.40692 x 16.92993
6 Gdansk 461,865 people Pomeranian Voivodeship 54.35205 x 18.64637
7 Szczecin 407,811 people West Pomeranian Voivodeship 53.42894 x 14.55302
8 Bydgoszcz 366,452 people Kujawsko-Pomorskie 53.1235 x 18.00762
9 Lublin 360,044 people Lublin Voivodeship 51.25 x 22.56667
10 Katowice 317,316 people Silesian Voivodeship 50.25842 x 19.02754
11 Bialystok 291,855 people Podlasie 53.13333 x 23.15
12 Gdynia 253,730 people Pomeranian Voivodeship 54.51889 x 18.53188
13 Czestochowa 248,125 people Silesian Voivodeship 50.79646 x 19.12409
14 Sosnowiec 227,295 people Silesian Voivodeship 50.28682 x 19.10385
15 Radom 226,794 people Masovian Voivodeship 51.40253 x 21.14714
16 Torun 208,717 people Kujawsko-Pomorskie 53.01375 x 18.59814
17 Kielce 208,598 people Swietokrzyskie 50.87033 x 20.62752
18 Gliwice 198,835 people Silesian Voivodeship 50.29761 x 18.67658
19 Zabrze 192,177 people Silesian Voivodeship 50.32492 x 18.78576
20 Bytom 189,186 people Silesian Voivodeship 50.34802 x 18.93282
21 Bielsko-Biala 176,515 people Silesian Voivodeship 49.82245 x 19.04686
22 Olsztyn 171,803 people Warmian-Masurian Voivodeship 53.77995 x 20.49416
23 Rzeszow 158,382 people Subcarpathian Voivodeship 50.04132 x 21.99901
24 Ruda Slaska 146,189 people Silesian Voivodeship 50.2584 x 18.85632
25 Rybnik 142,510 people Silesian Voivodeship 50.09713 x 18.54179
26 Dabrowa Gornicza 130,601 people Silesian Voivodeship 50.31818 x 19.2374
27 Tychy 130,000 people Silesian Voivodeship 50.13717 x 18.96641
28 Opole 127,676 people Opole Voivodeship 50.66667 x 17.95
29 Elblag 127,558 people Warmian-Masurian Voivodeship 54.1522 x 19.40884
30 Plock 127,474 people Masovian Voivodeship 52.54682 x 19.70638

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