Vitznau Introduction

Vitznau is located in the Lucerne district, and it is located in Lucerne canton as well. It is a municipality in Switzerland, and it has a population of around 1,200. 

Vitznau sites in a picturesque little bay of Lake Lucerne at the base of the Rigi. This frequently visited holiday resort in the central area of Switzerland is a very popular starting-off point for several excursions around Lake Lucerne. 

If you ascend to the summit of Rigi, you will get an astonishing panoramic view over the Alps, and you will be able to get a look at 13 lakes and across the whole Swiss Mittelland and onto Germany and France. There is a big network of hiking trails over more than 100 kilometers that stretches down along the mountain’s flanks. The Rigi also has quite a reputation for its wide range of Alpine flora of more than 1,000 species. There is a cableway that connects Vitznau to Hinterbergen, and tourists can take in the views from the sun terrace to the restaurant.


Vitznau was first written about in 99. In the 1800s it was a popular tourist destination, especially with people from England. The towering Park Hotel Vitznau dates from the early 1900s.


This place is in a narrow strip in the middle of the lake and the Rigi that looms behind it. A mountain railway that goes all the way up to the summit begins in Vitznau. 

Vitznau has a total area of about three square miles. Out of this land, about 32% is for agriculture, and about 57% is covered in forest. Of the remaining land, about 7.5% is settled, and the rest (about 4%) is unproductive (mountains, glaciers, or rivers). In a land survey taken in 1997, about 56% of land area was forest-covered. Of the land in use for agriculture, about 30% is for pastures or farming, while about 2% is for vine crops or orchards.


This place has a population of about 1,200. When the data was collected in 2007, about 22% of the residents were foreign nationals. Over the last decade the population has changed at about a 12% rate. The majority of the population is German-speaking (about 92%), and Albanian is the 2nd most common language (about 3%). Italian is the 3rd most common language (about 1%).

Vitznau Photo Gallery

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