Vardo is a municipality in Norway, specifically in Finnmark County. It is in the northeastern part of Northern Norway. It is the municipal administrative hub of Vardo. Kiberg is a neighboring village and the other main settlement of the municipality.

Basic Information

The town and the surrounding rural district was set up as a municipality on January 1st, 1838. The law forced all towns to be separated out from their rural districts, but since there were very few votes and a low population, this was hard to carry out for the town in 1838. The rural area of Vardo was officially cut out from the town in 1868. On January 1st, 1964, the eastern part of Batsfjord was combined with the town of Vardo to make the municipality that we know today.


Vardo comes from an Old Norse word, Vargoy. The first part is vargr which translates to “wolf” and the second part is oy, which translates to “island”. The first part was then replaced in the year 1500 (approximately or thereabouts) with varoa, which translates to “cairn”. Historically, the name was spelled as Vardoe.


Vardo is the city in the easternmost part of Norway, as well as the Nordic countries, and it is east of Kiev and Istanbul. The town rests on the island of Vardoya, but the municipality has a large portion of its area on the mainland of the Varanger Peninsula, which also comprises part of the Varangerhalvoya National Park in the southwestern part of the area.

The Domen mountain lies on the shore of the peninsula of Varanger. To the south of the mountain is the Kibergneset peninsula, and that is where the village of Kiberg is situated. The town is on the island of Vardoya, and there are a few tinier islands that surround it. One of those islands is Hornoya. It is to the northeast of Vardoya, and it is where the Vardo Lighthouse is located.

Economy and Tourism

Seafood processing and fishing are the major sources of income for Vardo, even though tourism is beginning to become and important economic activity source.

There are a number of tourist attractions in Vardo, like the Vardohus Festning, which is a fortress that dates all the way back to the latter part of the 13th century. There are several sea bird colonies and a couple of museums as well. The museums cover the local history and birdlife and the Pomor trade.

Vardo Photo Gallery

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