Vallorbe Introduction 

Vallorbe has a population of around 3,400. It is located in the Jura-Nord Vaudois district of the Vaud canton of Switzerland, and it is a municipality.


Vallorbe was first written about in 1139, and it was called de valle urbanensi. It was referred to as de valle urbe in 1148.


When the data was taken in 2009, Vallorbe had a total area of nine square miles. Out of this land, about two square miles (or 22%) is for agriculture, while about six square miles (or 67%) is forest-covered. Out of the remaining land, about 9% is settled, and 1% is either lakes or rivers. Less than 1% is non-productive land. 

Of the area that has been developed, buildings and houses make up about 4% and infrastructure related to transportation makes up about 4%. Of the forest-covered land, about 65% of the area is covered in really thick forest and about 2% is covered with little tree clusters and orchards. Of the land for agriculture, a little over 1% is for crops and 17% is for pastures. 

The municipality used to be a part of the district of Orbe until it was dissolved in 2006, and Vallorbe then became part of Jura-Nord Vaudois, a new district there. 

This place is located on the French-Swiss border. It is engulfed on three sides with mountains, and it goes all the way to 1,500 m in elevation. The valley opens up on the east side because of the Orbe and Jougnenaz rivers. It includes the hamlets of Bellevue, Le Creux, and Le Day.


As of 2012, Vallorbe had a population of about 3,400. About 23% of the population are foreign nationals, and that was the total when it was taken in 2008. Over the last decade the population has changed at about a 7% rate. 

The majority of the population is French-speaking, and Italian is the 2nd most common language. About 86% of the people speak French and just 4% speak Italian. The third most common language is Albanian (at around 2.5%).


When the data was collected in 2000, about 35% of the population was Roman Catholic, and about 39% were members of the Swiss Reformed Church. Of the remainder of the population, there were a little over 30 people who belonged to an Orthodox church.

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