The largest town in the isolated Lungau region, Tamsweg is famous for its curious Samson Processions, when an effigy of Samson and other figures are paraded around town. Tamsweg owes its past wealth to the iron and salt trade. Fine town houses, such as the 15th-century Mesnerhaus and the 16thcentury turreted town hall, line the market square. The 18th-century Post House has frescoes by Gregor Lederwasch, who also painted the pictures in Heiliger Jakobus (St James’s Church) built in 1741, to a design by Fidelis Hainzl. The original Rococo interior has been preserved. The 15th-century Church of St Leonard, towering above the town, is one of Austria’s foremost pilgrimage churches. It has beautiful stained-glass windows, such as the famous Golden Window (1430—50). The interior furnishings are almost entirely late medieval.

Tamsweg Photo Gallery

Tamsweg: 01 photo Tamsweg Tamsweg: 01 photo
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