Stiklestad is a small village in the Verdal municipality in Norway, in Nord-Trondelag County. It is located roughly 2.5 miles to the east of the municipal center at Verdalsora and roughly 1.2 miles to the southeast of Forbregd. The village is primarily known because it was the place where the Battle of Stiklestad was fought in 1030 AD. Stiklestad Church is situated in the village, and it is believed to have been built on the exact site where a king died during the battle. King Olaf II Haraldsson was buried in Trondheim, and he was canonized there in 1031. He was then enshrined in Nidaros Cathedral. St. Olav’s grave at the site has been unknown since the late 1560s because of the Lutheran reformation that took place in the late 1530s. 


The Old Norse name is Stiklarstaoir. The first part of the word is stikl and the last part is staoir, which translates to “farm”. Stikl could have been derived from the verb stikla, which translates to “to jump”, and this could have been the name of a brook close by. 

The Saint Olav Drama 

The Saint Olav dram is a play put on in July each year in Verdal, Norway. It is an outdoor performance, and anyone is free to come and watch. 

The play recreates and remembers the Battle of Stiklestad, which caused the death of King Olaf II. After his death, he was canonized as a saint of Norway. The play looks at the transition between the old pagan ways and the new way of Christianity introduced into Norway. For anyone who is interested in exploring the events that made Stiklestad so famous, or how Christianity influenced Norway, this is a great play to see. 

The play has been put on every single year for more than five decades. 

The play delves into historic events that were described in Heimskringla. The play has other prominent Norwegian figures like Thorir Hund and Rognvald Brusason. 

Seeing an outdoor theatre performance in Norway in a small village is a fun experience in and of itself, regardless of what the subject matter is about. Consider getting a front-row seat for this theatre performance if you’re in Stiklestad in July.

Stiklestad Photo Gallery

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