Where Is Stans?

Stans is the capital of the Nidwalden Canton in Switzerland.


The area of Stans is roughly 4.28 square miles. A lot of the land inside the borders of Stans is set aside for agriculture use (about 44%), and about 37% is forested. Out of the remaning area, roughly 17% is settlements and less than 2.6% is non-useful land (mountains, rivers, or glaciers). The highest point inside the borders of Stans is on the Stanserhorn. The lowest point is at Fronhofen. The town square has an elevation that is a little over 1,500 feet.


Stans hhas about 138 days of rain each year, and it gets about 48 inches of precipitation. The wettest month of the year is August, and is when Stans gets about 6.5 inches of precipitation for two weeks. The month with the most days of rain is June, with about two weeks, but with only 6.1 inches of rain. The driest month is January.



The Stanserhorn is a local mountain that is also a big tourist resort. You can get to it by one of the oldest mountain railways in the country, as well as by cable car. The mountain railway is called the Stanserhornbahn. The railway was first built as a rack and pinion type of railway, and it was divided into three distinct sections. The upper section was consumed by a fire in 1970 after a lightning strike. The ruined upper section, as well as the middle section, was replaced by a cable car in 1975. At the summit of the Stanserhorn is the Rondorama, which is a revolving restaurant that was created there in 2001. From the summit of the Stanserhorn, on a clear and bright day, the views stretch more than 60 miles and include several Swiss lakes and the Black Forest in Germany. There is a hiking trial around the Stanserhorn’s peak, and there is a tiny population of Marmots that are near the trail. 


After the fire in the early 1700s, the town square was completely rebuilt, to its present-day unified look. The square currently has the Winkelried fountain and the sculpture of Death and the Maiden. The Winkelried monument was cared out of Carrarain marble in Rome, and it was then shipped out by horse team, rail, and boat to Stans in 1865. The monument is designed in a Gothic Revival style, and it was carved by a famous sculptor named Ferdinand Schloth. 

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