Sjomannsmisjon, refers to the Seamen’s Mission. In 1954, this mission acquired a gorgeous building located on the Bygdoy. This building was used to help the sailors and others that were working in the Oslo Harbor. The building was a house and it was used as a private residence previously. The house was built by Arnstein Arneberg, Arneberg was the person who designed the Viking Ship Museum. He designed the home in 1915. 

The area was consecrated to be a church. There was a large assembly hall added as well as a sacristy in the year 1962. Until that time the mission had operated using the most basic conditions. The preachers would conduct sermons while standing on a fishing crate. In the year 1985, Den Indre Sjomannsmishon took over the church. Today the building is home to the seamen’s memorial. This memorial was built in the year 1966 as a way to commemorate the sailors from Norway who had died at sea. 

Sjomannskirken or the Seamen’s church now has 31 churches that are located throughout the world. The mission is present in over 80 countries of the world including Asia, Australia, the United States, Europe, and South America. These churches work to serve those individuals who spend their life at sea.

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