Senja is the second biggest island in Norway (which doesn’t include Svalbard). Senja is described in a World War II novel by David Armine Howarth. It is also a notable island in a MMORPG called Tibia. 

Moddi is a Norwegian musician, and he hails from the island. His music was supposedly influenced by how beautiful the island was. 


The Old Norse form of the name was probably Senja as well. No one knows the meaning of the name, but it could be related to the verb sundra, which means to ‘tear, split’: The island’s west coast is torn and split up by a number of small fjords.


Senja is situated on the Troms County coastline with Finnsnes being the nearest town to it. Senja is linked ot the mainland via the Gisund Bridge. The municipalities that are in Senja include Lenvik (some of which is part of the mainland), as well as Tranoy, Torsken, and Berg. Senja has roughly 8,000 inhabitants. 

The western and northern coasts of Senja are looking out to the opean sea. There are jagged, steep mountains that come straight out of the sea, and there are some fishing villages located further into the lowland (Husoy, Gryllefjord). The southern and eastern parts of the island are a little bit milder, with nicer, rounder mountains, as well as lands for agriculture and forests, rivers, and meadows. 


Senja has been called a microcosm of Norway, and the island has a lot of diverse scenery that mirrors almost the whole span of Norwegian nature and scenery. If you can only visit one place in Norway, consider Senja. If you’re a nature lover, if you can’t get enough of the flora and fauna of Scandinavia, and if you’re primarily visiting Norway because of its natural beauty, then Senja is the place for you to go. Senja is well known for its beautiful scenery, and it is heavily promoted as a tourist attraction. 

Some of the sights on the island include Anderdalen National Park, with its mountains and coastal pine forests, some of the older fishing communities, and th “troll of Senja”, which is the world’s biggest troll. Tranoy has a number of small museums that document the local history of the place.

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