Schulhof is a small alley connecting the imperial Am Hof square with the elegant, Baroque residential area of Kurrentgasse. The building, the former Obizzi Palace (1690), now houses a fascinating Clock Museum, which has more than 3,000 exhibits. The museum provides its visitors with a comprehensive account of the history of chronometry through the ages and of clock technology from the 15th century to the present day. The Biedermeier and Belle Epoque periods are particularly well presented. A major highlight is the 18thcentury astronomical clock by the Augustinian friar David Cajetano. At every full hour the three floors of the museum resound to the striking, chiming and playing of numerous clocks. All are carefully maintained to keep the correct time. This is something of an ear-ringing experience, although quite enchanting. A short distance from here, at 0 Kurrentgasse, is the bakery Grimm, one of the most famous in Vienna.

Schulhof Photo Gallery

Schulhof: 01 photo Schulhof Schulhof: 01 photo
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