Sandefjord is located in Vestfold county, in Norway. The municipality was established in January of 1838. The rural area of Sandar merged with the city in 1968. The city is well-known for the prosperous whaling industry and the rich Viking history. 

One of the more important historical items that was found in the area was the Gokstad ship that was found by the grave of Gokstadhaugen. Nicolay Nicolaysen excavated the ship. It is now on display at the Viking ship museum located in Oslo. The Viking, which was an exact replica of the ship when across the Atlantic Ocean in order to be put on display at the Columbian Exposition that took place in 1893 in the city of Chicago. 

The city was a famous health resort at one time. There were different types of baths that were used for improving health. This included mud, sulfur, and salt water baths. Visitors to the resort included a prime minister, royalty, and some of the cultural personalities of the country. From 1837 through 1939 about 50000 people visited the baths, most were from Norway. The bath building has been restored and there are various activities and cultural events that are held there each year. 

The city was known for its whaling industry, which made it one of the richest cities in Norway. By the end of the 1920s, there were over 90 whalers and 15 factory ships in the area. In the year 1954 there were over 2800 men that were hired to crew the whalers, but since that time whaling has been reduced. During the 1960s the number of expeditions was decreased by a large amount and the last season of whaling was in 1968. 

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