Regjeringskvartalet refers to the government quarter. This area is a collection of buildings that are located in the center of Oslo, the Norwegian capital city. The complex is located about 300 meters to the northeast of the Parliament Building. 

The following buildings make up Regjeringskvartalet: 

Akersgata 40: from 1905, part of the first plans for the area. It is currently the Ministry of Finance. 

Akersgata 42: built in 1958, is a modernist style building designed by Erling Viksjo. It is the ministry of justice and the office for the prime minister. 

Akersgata 44: from 1969, also designed by Viksjo it is where the Ministry of Education is located. 

Akersgata 59: from 1996, Torstein Ramberg designed the building, home of the ministry of culture, and transport and communications, ministry of children, ministry of food and agriculture, reform and church affairs, and the ministry for local government and regional development. 

Einar Gerhardsens 1:  is the building that is home to the ministry of trade and industry, and the petroleum and energy ministry.

Elnar Gerhardsens 3: ministry of labor and the ministry of health care services.

Government administration services are centered in Mollergata 19. This provides all of the administrative services to each of the other government departments. 

Regjeringskvartalet Photo Gallery

Regjeringskvartalet: 01 photo Regjeringskvartalet Regjeringskvartalet: 01 photo
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