What Is The Rathaus Rapperswil In Switzerland?

The Rathaus Rapperswil is the past Rathaus in Rapperswil, a city in Switzerland.


The Rathaus is situation inside of the Altstadt of Rapperswil in the main square. The structured replaced a previous tower that was likely built in the early 1200s that was part of the past town hall. A town hall and a city council were initially noted in the early 1400s.

The building in its current form was developed around 1470. There were restorations done in the late 1800s. It was at first the place where the government met and later on the mayor. That was how it was until late 2006, when the former cities of Rapperswil and Jona combined together to create Rapperswil-Jona.

The Rathaus technically belongs to the citizens association. It has a restaurant and the city archives.

Things To See

The Gothic portal that leads into the council chamber was created from one oak tree. In the entryway hall on the first floor, you can see the Juilsbanner of 1512 and older supraporta of the Schloss Rapperswil. The little exposition comprises a silver and gold treasure, the council table from the early 1600s, paintings by Swiss artists, and stained glass windows.


Once the traditional council members’ dinner (called the Herrenessen) and cabaret program with esteemed guests is over, hundreds of little children come together in the main square to celebrate a carnival festival on Shrove Tuesday.

There are a number of sites located in Rapperswil that are listed as sites of national significance.: the Polish national archive, the Rathaus, and the remnants of prehistoric villages.

Rathaus Photo Gallery

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