Otta has been a tourist hub for Norway since the railway arrived there in the year 1896. The main reason for this is because the town is located near many of the national parks in Jotunheimen, Dovre, and Rondane. The town lies at the junction of the Lagen and Otta rivers and is the regional center for Gudbrandsdalen. It is also a main terminal for buses that are going to and from the adjoining mountain and valley areas. The town is roughly halfway between Oslo and the town of Trondheim along E06. The Rv15 begins here and heads west along the Ottadalen and over the mountains to Stryn. It ends at the Maloy Otta. The town is an important link for the Dovre Line as the station there is the only one in the valley where each passenger train will stop. 

Historically, the town is known for Battle of Kringen that took place there in 1612. This is when an army made up of local farmers destroyed a group of Scottish mercenaries who were on their way to find the Kalmar War. 

The town is largely industrial and there are a number of factories located here. This includes a window framing plant, a wood mill, a factory that produces high quality slate, and a huge printing plant. There are a large number of trades and services covered in the town as well. 

There are several attractions in the town as it offers a good base for excursions to the national parks. There are camping sites and hotels that are perfect for a one day or two day trip to other areas. Other points of interest in the town are the Milorg hideout and the Kvitskrupresten. 

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