Osterdalen and Rendalen

The valleys of Rendalen and Osterdalen run parallel to each other in a north/south direction. The road that runs through the Osterdalen valley follows Glomma, which is the longest river in Norway. The road goes past several interesting places. The town north of Elverum, Rena, offered a ferry crossing during the Middle Ages. There was accommodation for pilgrims who were on their way to the Nidarosdomen Cathedral. 

Rena is now a skiing center and is the Birkebeiner race start point. Just 55 kilometers up the river, there is a folk museum at Koppang. There are many buildings from the region located here. North of the city of Atna, the road goes through forest that is virtually uninhabited. It passes Jutulhogget, which is a deep gorge. 

In the town of Alvdal, which is just a bit further north, there is folk museum Husantunet. The museum has 17 house from the 1600s. the Aukrustsenteret offers drawings and paintings that feature colorful characters from Kjell Aukrust’s books. 

The start point for a family friendly walk is Alvdal. This is also the 2nd highest tourist road in Norway. It goes to the top of the Tronfjellet Mountain, which is 1666 meters high. The road leads to the mining center of Tolga and to the village of Os. 

You can reach Rendalen valley taking RV30 south from Tynset and going through Tylldalen. This is where the feast day related to harvest takes place in Olsok. It is called St. Olav’s day and is celebrated each year on the 29th of July. There is a road called Hanestad, that is just south of Alvdal that goes to the valley that is across the mountain passes. It ends at the Ovre Rendal Church that dates back to the year 1759. 

The vicarage offers a museum that is dedicated to Jacob B. Bull. Bull wrote about life in the region. From this area you can take a mountain road to the Fiskevollen fishing village and also to the top of Rendalsolen. 

Osterdalen and Rendalen Photo Gallery

Osterdalen and Rendalen
Osterdalen and Rendalen: 01 photo Osterdalen and Rendalen Osterdalen and Rendalen: 01 photo
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