Narvik is the 3rd biggest city in Nordland, and it is also the 3rd biggest municipality there, by population. The administrative hub of the municipality is Narvik, a moderately sized city. Some of the other towns in the municipality include Vidrek, Straumsnes, Hergo, Hakvik, Elvegard, Bjornfjell, Bjerkvik, Beisfjord, and Ankenesstranda. There is also an army camp based near Bjerkvik. 

Narvik is situated on the coast of Ofotfjorden. The municipality is included in the traditional area of Ofoten in Northern Norway, which is located within the Arctic Circle. The municipality of Narvik is on the border of Ballangen, Evenes, Bardu, Gratangen, Lavangen, Skanland, and Norrbotten County. 

Basic Information 

The municipality of Narvik was created at the turn of the 20th century when the town of Narvik got city status and was cut out from the big municipality of Ankenes. At first, the municipality-city of Narvik had just over 3,700 inhabitants. In 1974, Ankenes was merged together with the municipality-city of Narvik, create a new, bigger municipality of Narvik. Once the merger was completed, the municipality of Narvik had almost 20,000 residents. 


Narvik has a number of historic attractions, and it has a lot of natural treasures to see as well. Many of the historic attractions and natural sights are unexplored and underappreciated by tourists. 


This is a truly beautiful spot for someone who loves geology. It is a fjord that has been partially eroded by ice. You can also do some great bird watching there. You can also enjoy the serene surroundings and beautiful scenery, or even play a game of golf. 

Ofoten Museum 

The Ofoten Museum is located near to the town of Narvik. It is located in an old train administration structure that dates back to the turn of the 20th century. There are various exhibits that display the cultural and local history of the city. 

Narvik Church 

Narvik Church was founded in 1925. 

Polar Park 

Polar Park is a wonderful place to see animals of all kinds – wolverines, arctic foxes, moose, brown bears, and wolves. If you’ve ever wanted to see the fierce creatures of Norway, then Polar Park is a good place to visit. Be sure to take a camera because you’re not going to want to forget the beautiful creatures you see there. Polar Park is is one of the northernmost zoos in the world, and it is located in the Salangsdalen Valley in Bardu.

Narvik Photo Gallery

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