Museum fur Gestaltung

The Museum of Design, Zurich

The Museum of Design, Zurich is a major design museum that covers craft, architecture, visual communication, and industrial design in Zurich, Switzerland.


The museum is within the Department of Cultural Analysis. The museum has four major collections (Applied Art, Design, Graphics, and Poster). The four main collections in the museum are of significant international importance. 

The museum is located in Kreis 5 in Zuirch, and it is near to Zurich Hauptbahnhof. Some of its collections are stored across from the main building of the museum on Limmatstrasse (the Poster Collection), as well as in a commercial building (the Design Collection and Graphics Collection). The museum is also in control of the Museum Bellerive, situated in a former village on Lake Zurich’s shores. It has the museum’s collection of art.

Buildings and History 

Located in the former School of Arts and Crafts in Zurich, the Museum of Design’s primary building has a gallery, exhibition hall, reception area, shop, cafeteria, lecture hall, and a vestibule. The museum was developed out of the Arts and Crafts museum, which was established in 1875. It has a combination of functional and aesthetic qualities, and the building showcases and highlights the Modern Architecture movement in the country. The Museum of Design bought the old home a famous textile manufacturer in 1968, and they moved some of their Applied Art collection into the home. It was given a new name as the Museum Bellerive, and the building has a textile, metal, wood, ceramic, and glass collection.


The museum has between five and seven exhibitions each year that are temporary and displayed in the gallery and the hall of the primary building. The majority of the exhibitions that are shown in the museum are created in-house and are crafted in dialogue through research projects and with the museum collections.

The exhibitions are pretty interdisciplinary in character, they focus on phenomena from history, and they have innovative and contemporary designs and focuses. The exhibitions are backed by great scholarship, and they are presented in an engaging and visually interesting way. Their goal is to appeal to the public at large, as well as to those who have an intimate, scholarly knowledge of art history and art culture.

Exhibitions also have panel discussions, tour programs, talks with artists, and concerts.

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Museum fur Gestaltung
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