This town on the Murz at the foot of Semmering Mountain is Austria’s oldest winter sports resort. In 1893, Murzzuschlag hosted the first skiing competitions in the Alps, and in 1934 it was the venue for the Nordic Games that later became the Winter Olympics. The town’s first historic records date from 1469, when Emperor Friedrich III ordered it to be burned to the ground, following a rebellion led by Count Andreas Baumkircher. Today its main sights of interest are the parish church with a lovely Renaissance altarpiece and its picturesque old houses, including the house of Johannes Brahms at Wiener Strasse. Also worth visiting is the Winter Sports Museum which has the world’s largest collection of objects and memorabilia relating to all aspects of winter sports.

Murzzuschlag Photo Gallery

Murzzuschlag: 01 photo Murzzuschlag Murzzuschlag: 01 photo
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