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Muri, which was once known as Freiamt, is located in the Aargau Canton in Switzerland. It is located in the southeastern part of Switzerland, and it is the capital of the Aargau Canton. The current municipality of Muri was established in 1816 when four municipalities were combined: Wey, Hasli, Egg, and Langdorf. It has a population of roughly 7,250.


The community is comprised of three districts. To the west of the monastery is Wey, which is a little more than a milesouth of the Langdorf district (and it used to be known as Dorfmuri). To the east of the train line, at a distance of less than half a mile, is Egg, a small village. There are also a lot of hamlets there: Hasli is situated just one mile to the west. Another hamlet is Turmelen, which is right on the municipality’s eastern boundary. It is currently merged with Egg. There are also several little farms that dot the area. 

Muri is situated in the upper part of the Bunztal at the base of Lindenberg. It covers all the different districts, with one exception. It is located at an altitude of about 1,500 feet. Located toward the south, the terrain is wavy, and it is divided into a couple of river valleys.

Muri had a total area, at the time the measurement was taken in 2009, of about five square miles. Out of this total area, about three miles (or 58%) is put to use for agriculture, while less than one square mile (or about 21%) is forest-covered. Out of the rest of the land, less than one square mile (or about 20%) is settled (buildings or roads). 

Of the area that has been built on, industrial buildings make up about 2.5% of the whole area while buildings and housing make up about 11% and transportation infrastructure make up about 4.5%. Green belts, parks, and sports fields make up about 1%. Of the land that is forest-covered, about 20% of the entire land area is covered in forest that is heavy and 1% is covered with little tree clusters and orchards. Out of the land that is for agriculture, about 40% is used for crops.


When it was measured in 2007, Muri had an unemployment rate of about 2%.


About 68% of the population between the ages of 25 and 64 have done either their upper secondary education or further higher education.

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