Molde is a municipality and city in Romsdal in Norway, in More og Romsdal County. It is situated on the peninsula of Romsdal, and it surrounds Moldefjord and Fannefjord. 

Molde is the governmental hub of More og Romsdal County, the administrative hub of the municipality of the same name, a commercial center of the entire Romsdal region, and it is where the Dicoese of More is located. Some of the other big population centers include Nesjestranda, Kleive, and Hjelset. 

Molde has a temperate, maritime climate, and it has cool-to-warm summers, and pretty mild winters. The city has the nickname of the Town of Roses

Molde is an ancient settlement that came about as a trading post in the Middle Ages. There is a lot of history behind Molde. The official trading rights were granted in the early 1600s, and the city became incorporated through a royal charter in the early 1740s. Molde was declared an official municipality in 1838. 

The city kept growing throughout the 1700s and 1800s, and it turned into a major center for Norwegian garments and textiles, and it was the administrative hub for the region as well, and it became a major tourist site eventually. When World War II was over, Molde had a period of rapid growth, and it merged with the municipality of Bolsoy in 1965. It has turned into a center for public services and administrative duties, and it is also a site of academic research and industrial work. 

Molde has had a long history, and it has a varied economy. It is a major tourist destination in Norway. It has a population of over 25,000. 

Sights Of Interest 

You can find fish like sea char, sea trout, and salmon in the rivers around Molde, especially in the Eira, Driva, and Rauma, which were already well known to the British noblemen of the 1800s. Trout is found throughout most lakes. Mackerel, saithe, Pollock, and code are often caught in the Romsdalsfjord, both by boat and from land. Skiing is also a popular activity for tourists, and it is something that the inhabitants of Molde do over the winter as well - on trails, at resorts, and on groomed tracks. There are a number of popular spots for basejumping, glacier sightseeing, bouldering, ice climbing, and rock climbing.

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