Mandal is a town located in Vest-Agder County, in Norway. By population, it is the 2nd largest city of Vest-Agder. The salmon river Mandalselva runs through the town. The mouth of the river is located outside of the town. There are many small, wooden houses that are painted white located in the town. This is quite typical for towns that are located on the south coast of the country. 

Mandal is a popular destination for holidays as it offers a summer climate that was mild and refreshing. There are long stretches of beach that surround the town. The most famous beach is called Sjosanden and it stretches for about a kilometer just outside the center of town. It is often ranked as one of the most popular beaches in Norway. 

The center of the city is well known for the charming collection of houses and the river that runs through it. The Mandal Kirke, the church of the city is another popular attraction. The church has 1800 seats and the pulpit located in the wall behind the altar. This makes it the largest wooden church in the country. 

The cinema, art gallery, and library are all located in Buen in the new culture house. There is a museum that is dedicated to Gustav Vigeland, the sculptor, in the city as he was born there.

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