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What Is Kunsthalle Basel?

Kunsthalle Basel is one of the most famous and active art institutes in the entire world. Since it opened in 1872, it dedicated itself to the presentation, exploration, and promotion of modern art. Kunsthalle Basel has an important tradition of supporting avant-garde art and of widening the boundaries of modern art. 

Kunsthalle Basel is an important of the cultural center in Basel, and it is situated next to the theater in the city and across from Stadtcasino, the concert house. Kunsthalle Basel is a site for important exhibitions that bring together both international and local artists in the contemporary, experimental, and avant-garde areas of art. Kunsthalle Basel has space set aside to present new artwork and unique artistic methodologies, as well as a whole range of public programs that incorporate artist performances, discussions, music events, and film screenings. Adam Szymczyk has been the direct of Kunsthalle Basel for more than a decade. 

If you ever visit Basel and you’re even a small fan of art, then don’t miss out on seeing this historic art institute. There is something more magnificent and wondrous about seeing contemporary art in a city as grand as Basel.


The development of Kunsthalle Basel was initiated in 1864 because of the merge of the Basler Kunstverein and the Society of Basel Artists. The Basler Kunstverein was established in 1839. The building had its inauguration in 1872, and the former Basler Kunstverein president described the mission of the Kunsthalle, essentially paraphrased: it would be a site for the fine arts to spread and promote artistic interest within Basel as well as to encourage nice relations between the art-loving public and artists. 

In the 20s and 30s, before the Kunstmuseum Basel was opened, Kunsthalle Basel was the site of a number of public art collections on display. Because of financial issues in the 50s, there was a period of time when the structure was rented out to the state, but after it had extensive renovation in 1969, it was given back to the Kunstverein.


With funds from a couple of the ferry services that go over the Rhine, Kunsthalle Basel was developed between 1869 and 1872. 

The building had been extended a number of times by 1927, and a new workshop had been added on for a sculpture hall (it is called STADTKINO Basel today). There was extensive renovation between 1969 and 1973.

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Kunsthalle Basel
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