The Hoymagasinet is a museum that is devoted to Christiania history. The dates for the history museum are from 1624 through 1840. The location for the museum is in Akershus Slott, which is in Norway. 

In the year 1624, there was a devastating fire that occurred in the city of Oslo. This fire left the majority of the city in ashes. Christian IV, who was a Danish-Norwegian king of the time, decided that he would rebuild the city. The rebuilt city was going to be further west than the previous city and it was named Christiana. 

Reconstruction of the city was quite slow during the first 100 years. During the 18th century there was more done for the reconstruction. The Hoymagasinet offers a history of the city. The museum explores the 200 years of the city. The history is illustrated through displays that include models. While you are visiting you will be able to see a multimedia program that lasts for around 25 minutes. In addition, visitors can take a guided tour of the area. The tour goes through Kvadraturen streets. This was where the original Christiana was located. 

Hoymagasinet Photo Gallery

Hoymagasinet: 01 photo Hoymagasinet Hoymagasinet: 01 photo
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