Hamar is the biggest town located on Lake Mjosa. The town is named after one of the old farms that were located in this area. Between the years 500 to 1000 AD the Aker farm was one of the most important centers in the country of Norway. It was located just a few miles away from what is today the town of Hamar. There have been 3 coins found in Ringerike that date back to Harald Hardrade’s time. 

At some time after 1030, but before the year 1152, the center of the town was moved from Aker to a peninsula that is near Rosenlundvika. This is what is known as Domkireodden today. There are some signs that show Harald Hardrade started this move because he owned property at the new locations. 

Most of the information about the medieval Hamar comes from the Hamar Chronicals that date back to about 1550. The town is thought to reach its apex during the early part of the 14th century. It is dominated by the cathedral, the bishop’s manor, and the fortress, as well as the surrounding urbanization. It is known for its apple orchards. Fisherman, craftsmen, and merchants were also found in the town. 

In the year 1755, the Danish government showed an interest in creating a trading center on Lake Mjosa. One of the prominent officials of the time, Bishop Bech proposed the establishment of a town near Storhamar. 

In the year 1812 negotiations began and the regional governor proposed creating a market on Mjosa. Finally, in the year 1824, plans for the new town were presented to the Norwegian legislation. 

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