Forde and Jolster

Jolster is a municipality in Norway, in Sogn og Fjordane. It is located in an old district called Sunnfjord. The administrative hub is the town of Skei. Other towns and villages in the municipality include Langhaugane, Vassenden, Alhus, and Helgheim. 

Jolster is at the heart of the Sogn og Fjordane, and it is well known for its cultural offerings – such as creative arts & crafts, dancing, song, folk music, and home crafts. Agriculture is the biggest industry in the municipality. The main attraction in Jolster is the scenery, with open access to the glaciers of Myklebustbreen, Jostedalsbreen, and Grovabreen. Jolster is where a portion of the biggest glacier in continental Europe is located. The glacier is called the Jostedalsbreen. It is also home to a clear green lake called Jolstravatnet. 

Basic Information 

Jolster is a parish that was set up as a municipality in 1838. The first municipality was just like the Jolster parish, having the sub-parishes of Helgheim and Alhus. In 1964, the farm area of Forde in the close by municipality of Breim (with a population of under 40 people) was transferred over to the municipality of Jolster. 


The municipality (at first just the parish) was named after the river of Joltra (it runs through the lower parts of the municipal territory). The Old Norse name Jolmstr is a word that describes the rumble and noise of the river. 


All of the municipalities in Norway (and that includes Jolster) have a duty to provide primary education (through the 10h grade), health services, senior citizen services, and other social services. A municipal council of representatives that are elected govern the municipality, and they in turn elect a mayor. 


Tourism is one of the biggest industries in Jolster, and there are several tourist facilities, campsites, and hotels in each area of the municipality. Construction and agriculture are some of the most important industries outside of tourism.


Jolstra Museum 

The Jolstra museum is a private area with a lot of the original Jolstra buildings and an impressive collection of more than 3,000 artifacts.

Forde and Jolster Photo Gallery

Forde and Jolster
Forde and Jolster: 01 photo Forde and Jolster Forde and Jolster: 01 photo
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