On the 9th of April in the year of 1940, Germany invaded Norway. This was the same day that the Elverum Mandate was approved by the Norwegian parliament. This mandate gave the fleeing government of Norway a large amount of powers during the remaining years of the Second World War. 

The next day King Haakon rejected the demand from Germany for the creation of a new government of Norway. On April 11th, 1940, the city was bombed. There were 54 people who died during this bombing. There is now a monument at the high school that commemorates the stand that the king took against Germany. The monument was created by Ornulf Bast. 

Once the war was over, the city rose out of the ashes quite quickly. It became a commercial, educational, military, and administrative center. The area located on the eastern part of the Glomma River is called Leiret. This area evolved from buildings located below the old fortification of the area called Christiansfjell. One of the most important winter markets in Scandinavia from 1740 through 1900, Gurndsetmart’n, is still held in this area.

The 3rd biggest open air museum of Norway, Glomdalsmuseet, offers 88 buildings from the rural lowland communities and the mountain villages. There are more than 30,000 exhibits in the museum.

Elverum Photo Gallery

Elverum: 01 photo Elverum Elverum: 01 photo
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