Where Is Eglisau?

It is located in the Bulach district, and it is a municipality in the Zurich canton of Switzerland. It has a population of almost 5,000 residents.


Eglisau was initially written about in 892, and it was described as a place having many individual farm houses. It was called Ouwa in the text. It was written about with the name of Owe in 1238. It was referred to as ze Seglinger Owe in 1304. It was called ze Eglins Owe in 1332. This area has had many names over the years, and it has had a long history spanning the Middle Ages. 

Eglisau is situated at the intersection of two important transport paths. The prime location along the Rhine gave it the ability to control local ship traffic. The place was the location of an important bridge that functioned as the south-north road between Zurichgau and Klettgau. This crucial spot was so important that it became the site of the Landvogt (appointed by Zurich), and it would lead to the spot becoming a major market town.


Eglisau has a total area of roughly 3.5 square miles. Out of this whole area, more than 35% is put to use for agricultural activities, and more than 41% of it is covered in forest. Of the remainder, nearly 16% is settled (roads or buildings) and the rest is non-useful land (rivers, lakes, etc.) and that number is at 7.4%. 

It is located on the Rhine’s banks, and it has traditionally been a crucial bridge that goes across the water. It is comprised of several sections like Wiler, Steig, Burg, and Stadtli on the river’s right side, and it is comprised of the Seglingen section with the Torssriedern hamlet on the river’s left side.


Eglisau has nearly 5,000 residents. Almost 17% is composed of foreign people. In the last decade, the number of people has risen at about a 33% rate. The majority is German-speaking, and Italian is the 2nd most commonly spoken language (just at 3%) and Albanian is 3rd most commonly spoken language (near 2%). 

Eglisau has an unemployment rate of about 2.5%. Eglisau’s population has grown rather slowly over the centuries, and it made its biggest 50-year population jump in the last 50 years. The municipality of Eglisau is not a very populated place.

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