Dronningen stands for Queen. In Oslo, both before World War II and after World War II was over, the Dronningen was one of the most popular restaurants in the city during the summer months. 

The building where the restaurant is located was built in the year 1930. This was one of the first buildings in Norway to be built in the Functionalist style. 

The Dronningen is located on the Dronningskj located in Frognerkilen. The building is no longer home to a popular restaurant as it was converted into an office building in the year 1983. The Norwegian student’s rowing club and the Norwegian Yacht Club both have their bases in the building. 

The Dronningen was typically associated with the Kongen. This was a summer variety theater and restaurant that was located on the other side of the river. This was quite a popular destination for many people during the summer months as there were entertainment options on one side of the river and great restaurants located on either side of the river. 

In the year 1986, the Frognerkilen was converted into office space as well. This area is now a very popular sailing center and there is large yachting marinas located throughout both sides of the river.

Dronningen Photo Gallery

Dronningen: 01 photo Dronningen Dronningen: 01 photo
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