Det Internasjonale Barnekunstmuseet

Det Internasjonale Barnekunstmuseet is the International Museum for Children’s Art. It is located in Oslo, Norway. This museum is a pioneer in the industry as it is the first museum to be filled with art that was created by children. The art collection at the museum currently contains collections from children all over the world. There are over 180 countries represented in the museum. 

The main goal of the museum is to promote children’s rights. The museum serves as a research center for studying, culture, art, and history of children. This museum is very beneficial to children and adults as the collection is designed to provide inspiration to people of all ages. This includes pedagogues, artists, politicians, and researchers. 

The long term efforts of the Det Internajonale Barnekunstmuseet is to develop an appreciate for the art of children and to value what a child’s art and culture represents while at the same time protecting the rights of the child. These rights include the right to preserve one’s own culture as an accepted principle when considering nations and the segments of a population within a nation. 

A private foundation owns the museum. The foundation was founded in the year 1980 and is governed by board members. The museum receives a grant each year from Norwegian Ministry for Cultural Affairs as well as a subsidy from the Oslo municipality. 

Det Internasjonale Barnekunstmuseet Photo Gallery

Det Internasjonale Barnekunstmuseet
Det Internasjonale Barnekunstmuseet: 01 photo Det Internasjonale Barnekunstmuseet Det Internasjonale Barnekunstmuseet: 01 photo
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