Brig Introduction 

Brig has the official name of Brig-Glis, and it is located in the Brig district. It is a municipality in the Valais canton of Switzerland. It has a population of 12,800. 

The municipality as it stands today was created in 1972 when Brig, Glis, and Brigerbad were combined. 

Brig-Glis is part of the Alpine Town of the Year Association. It participates with other towns. The goal is to have sustainable development in the Alpine area. Brig-Glas has been awarded for this pursuit.


This is a quaint little town in the upper part of Valais, and it is located at the base of the northern slope of the Pass of Simplon, on the right side of the stream of Saltine, and a short distance above its junction with the River Rhone. Brig-Glis is located near the borders of Switzerland and Italy. 

Brig-Glis has a total area of roughly 15 square miles. Out of this total area, about 13% is put to use for agricultural activities, and nearly 47% of the area is covered in forest. Out of the remainder of the land, about 10.5% is settled (roads or buildings) and nearly 30% is non-useful land.


Brig-Glis has a total population of about 12,730. When it was measured in 2008, about 14% of the population was nationals from foreign countries. Over the last decade, the population has grown at a rate of roughly 4.5%. It has grown at a rate of about 7.8% because of migration and at a rate of nearly negative 1% because of births and deaths. 

The majority of the population is German-speaking (a little over 90%). Italian is the 2nd most commonly spoken language (about 2%) and French is the 3rd most commonly spoken language (about 1.7%). There are several people who speak Romansch. The language that most people use in their everyday speech is a unique dialect of German, and it is only used in this Swiss canton. 

The gender distribution of the population was about 48% male and 52% female when it was measured in 2008.

Swiss Heritage Sites of National Significance 

There are a handful of Swiss Heritage Sites of National Significance that you don’t want to miss while you’re here. There is the Maria Himmelfahrt Church, the Gamsenmauer, and the Stockalperpalast. The whole town of Brig is listed as a Swiss National Heritage Site. Any town that is listed as a Swiss Site of National Significance is worth visiting. It is designated that way for a reason.

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